Typing is not only fast, but also more fun

According to the survey data of AI media consulting, the number of monthly active users of Baidu input method and Sogou input method in April reached 525.682 million and 525.463 million respectively. Data from other research institutions show that Baidu input method ranks first in terms of the number of users and the number of active users per month.

the question comes. What does Baidu input method rely on? In my opinion, it is not difficult to find the answer of Baidu input method attack, because users have the most right to speak. As one of the most frequently used applications, the experience of input method is very important. Experience a discovery, typing speed, higher appearance, and high playability, this is the reason why many users choose Baidu input method, it can also be said that it is the core competitiveness of Baidu input method.

compared with PC platform, mobile phone typing has certain limitations. For example, if you use pinyin mode, you need to input the Pinyin of each word completely before you can pop up the corresponding word. This will definitely affect the typing speed. In fact, the slow typing speed is also a short board of mobile phone input method.

in order to improve the typing speed, baidu input method and AI technology are integrated. In the traditional Pinyin mode, with the help of AI technology, you can accurately guess the user’s intention, and you can find the character you want to input by entering a letter. In addition, the speech input mode of Baidu input method not only supports Putonghua input, but also supports local dialects, and the recognition rate is very high.

it is not difficult to see that from the traditional Pinyin mode to voice input, the integration of Baidu input method and AI technology has improved the typing speed. The newly released version of Baidu input method v9.3.5 brings users a brand-new and upgraded input experience, which makes users truly realize the convenience brought by AI technology.

specifically speaking, the v9.3.5 version of Baidu input method mainly has the following advantages: super high recognition accuracy, personalized voice, voice shorthand For the upgrading of voice function, or to improve the typing speed of Baidu input method. In addition, the latest version of Baidu input method, the first off-line Chinese and English free say function. Even in the absence of the Internet, baidu input method can accurately identify the input content.

from dialect, to Putonghua, and then to English, with AI technology, baidu input method typing speed is faster. Similarly, with the help of AI technology, typing in pinyin mode is very fast. Moreover, the longer it is used, the more accurate the AI algorithm is, and the faster the Pinyin mode typing will be.

to be honest, typing is a very boring experience. How to make typing more interesting is a problem that many input method brands ignore. As a user, the author believes that Baidu input method is better in user experience. While improving the speed of typing through technology, it also makes typing more interesting. Compared with other products, typing with Baidu 888 is really interesting. For example, the Yan keyboard, which was launched last year, allows users to choose their favorite skin, as well as skin suits with music. On the contrary, other input methods are nothing more than mechanical. If you change your skin, you will soon get tired of it.

in addition, for users who like mechanical keyboard, baidu input method has launched mechanical keyboard mode. With the cooperation of mobile phone vibration motor, users can experience the same experience as mechanical keyboard. Through the cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers, the mechanical keyboard mode of Baidu input method has been recognized by a large number of users.

from skin changing to mechanical keyboard mode with more hand feel for typing, baidu input method v9.3.5 has launched the streamer keyboard design, providing four interactive light effect modes: ripple, flame, laser and imprint. The so-called streamer keyboard, is in the use of input method, can experience the instant streamer effect, looks very cool. It is reported that Baidu input method also introduces RGB lighting resident function into the input method, so that users can experience this cool function.

conclusion: in order to improve the typing speed, baidu input method integrates AI technology into the input method. In order to make typing more interesting, baidu input method launched Yan keyboard, streamer keyboard and other functions These intimate and practical functions are the competitiveness of Baidu’s input method and the pain point of consumer demand. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia