UAE hope spacecraft captured two space photos showing two bright white spots, one large and one small

In 2020, even though there are many unusual events on the earth that upset many people, space exploration has never been suspended. In July, three advanced man-made spacecrafts successively flew to Mars, including tianwen-1 of China, perseverance of the United States and hope of the United Arab Emirates. They have become the new focus of the world, bringing human hope to distant Mars. < p > < p > even in July, the distance to Mars is still 100 million kilometers. Since the UAE hope spacecraft took the lead from Japan’s asahima Space Center on July 19, it has flown 20 million kilometers and completed one-fifth of the total journey as of August 24. Hope, on behalf of the Arab people, crossed the earth’s orbit and carried out solar orbit, becoming him Our pride. < p > < p > on August 24, UAE Prime Minister Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoum posted two beautiful photos on twitter, which were captured by hope and sent back to earth. One photo shows that there are numerous small white spots in the dark star sea, one of which is big and one is small. They are Jupiter and Saturn, and the other shows only one Bright white, it’s the destination Mars. As we all know, every celestial body in the solar system is flying at a high speed, much faster than a bullet at the muzzle of a gun. The Mars speed is 24.13 km / s. if hope wants to approach Mars accurately and finally be captured by Mars gravity, it will have to carry out multiple trajectory corrections. The UAE hope team said it plans to carry out about six trajectory correction operations. < p > < p > on August 17, the hope launched six delta-V thrusters, which continued to burn for 21 seconds, and successfully completed the first trajectory correction task. Hope is scheduled to enter the ring fire orbit in February 2021. In terms of time, the second orbit correction will be carried out in September. Space flight has verified such an old saying, “a mistake is a thousand miles”. On August 2, China tianwen-1 also made a midway correction to its flight trajectory for the first time. It started the 3000n engine and burned it for 20 seconds. Therefore, trajectory correction is a normal thing. < / P > < p > although the Mars probe of hope belongs to the United Arab Emirates, it is actually led by American researchers, and then developed by UAE researchers. Hope has a total weight of 1500 kg, a width of 2.37 meters and a height of 2.9 meters, which is about the size of a small car. It has six 120 Newton Delta V propellers, using inorganic and highly volatile chemicals as propellants. < p > < p > UAE expedition imager, which can image the atmosphere of Mars in three visible and three ultraviolet bands, creates a 12 megapixel image with a spatial resolution of less than 8 km, so exi can be used to measure the abundance of dust, water ice and ozone in the Martian atmosphere. The UAE Mars infrared spectrometer, designed by Arizona State University in collaboration with Muhammad Ben Rashid Space Center, can be used to measure dust, ice clouds, water vapor and temperature curves in the Martian atmosphere. < p > < p > UAE Mars ultraviolet spectrometer can measure the heat change in the atmosphere of Mars, the structure of hydrogen and oxygen outer layer around planets, and the ultraviolet emission of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. According to the Martian season, we can understand the changes of solar wind and wind driven by lower atmosphere. < / P > < p > explore the Martian weather and reveal the relationship with the ancient Martian climate, because the physical evidence detected by the United States indicates that Mars was once a warm and humid world, with a large amount of liquid water on its surface, which is quite good for life. To understand the mechanism of oxygen and hydrogen driving out of the Martian atmosphere, scientists have always believed that the loss of Martian atmosphere is the root cause of Mars becoming a cold desert, and how the Martian atmosphere evolves over time and whether Mars life may be lost as a result. Study the connections between the upper and lower atmospheres of Mars. A global picture of the Martian atmosphere changing every day, every season, and every year, because NASA and ESA’s Mars probes have only a short period of time to obtain temperature and climate information. The UAE hope spacecraft will fly around Mars for two years from 2021 to collect scientific data, but it can be extended according to the actual situation, and the longest mission can be extended to 2025. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

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