Ubisoft releases space exploration VR game agos: a game of space

Ubisoft said players would embark on “an interstellar journey aimed at finding a habitable planet. Players will become artificial intelligence to operate the last ship to leave earth and guide a group of survivors through eight unique star systems in search of a new home. “. The first person control of the probe is not shown by the player. However, players can expect “to explore the surrounding environment, explore resources, develop new technologies, and deal with the dangers of space in this extraordinary journey to save mankind.”. < / P > < p > as you may recall in 2019, Ubisoft is speeding up the production of a new 3A virtual reality game, and there are reports that the company has signed an exclusive oculus game development agreement based on and. But according to the introduction, this work should belong to another project. < / P > < p > although most of the major game development studios have not invested a lot of resources to explore VR games, Ubisoft is actively pioneering the virtual reality field and has released five related games to home VR users. In addition, Ubisoft escape games, a subsidiary of Ubisoft, has developed several offline VR escape content. < / P > < p > surprisingly, given the studio’s achievements, Ubisoft’s VR games have not reached the level of “must play” so far, and the team’s initiative to focus on multiplayer games has made most works lack a stable player group. However, it seems to be a single player game, so Ubisoft may finally realize the risks of making multiplayer VR games in today’s market environment. New product launch