Ultimate performance is just the starting point. What are the real pain points of mobile game players?

Recently, a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers have released new models of their game phone brands. Compared with the past, the number of game phones and game experience are more abundant and powerful than before. We can see that the market segment of game phones has been formed. < / P > < p > What are the characteristics of game phones compared with mainstream smartphones? What are the pain points of gamers’ real demand for game phones? What kind of future should the game mobile phone go to in the future? < p > < p > as a mobile phone type in the current smart phones, game phones are different from mainstream smart phones in product design. For example, game phones will be equipped with larger batteries and will not pay too much attention to the weight of the phone, and generally will not be equipped with a powerful rear camera module. At the same time, game phones will also be equipped with some powerful functions that mainstream mobile phones do not have. < / P > < p > for game phones in 2020, the powerful Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor has become a standard configuration. Several recently released game phones are also equipped with an upgraded version of the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus processor. < / P > < p > although in terms of processor, game phones are consistent with some flagship models, but thanks to the “advanced customization” cooling system and radical performance tuning, the performance release of game phones is more “radical” than the mainstream models with the same SOC. This can be seen from the difference between game phones and mainstream models. < p > < p > for example, the red magic 5S equipped with an active air cooling cooling cooling system can achieve a high score of nearly 66W, while the mainstream model equipped with the same high pass snapdragon 865 processor has a running score of about 60W. From this, we can find that compared with the mainstream models, game phones can play a better performance when the performance configuration is similar. < / P > < p > for electronic games, video and audio are the main forms for players to obtain game content and interact with it. Therefore, display devices and audio devices have been the main hardware affecting the game experience for many years. Similarly, in mobile games, the display effect and audio output effect of mobile phone screen also affect the player’s intuitive experience of game experience. < / P > < p > for mobile phones, the screen is not only an input device, but also an output device, which is the main channel for players to obtain game information. For a long time, game players, especially hard core players, have never stopped pursuing the improvement of game picture quality. For the game screen, not only the game phone should be able to output the display signal with the highest image quality of the game application, but also have a high-quality display screen to display high-quality pictures. < / P > < p > for this reason, the display and audio hardware configuration of current game phones can be called luxury. For example, the Rog game phone 3 elite is equipped with a 6.59 inch AMOLED screen, which supports a screen refresh rate of up to 144hz and a touch sampling rate of 270Hz, response time as low as 1ms, dci-p3 wide color gamut and 10 bit HDR, from the parameter point of view, this screen has no obvious short board in terms of refresh rate, color gamut and response speed, which is also generally better than the mainstream flagship game phones. The luxury configuration of < / P > < p > is also reflected in the audio equipment. For example, the elite version of Rog game phone 3 is equipped with dual forward speakers and four microphones. Its forward dual lift design can provide stereo sound effect while ensuring that the speaker will not be blocked by hands. The design of four microphones comprehensively enhances the omni-directional radio capability of Rog game phone 3. Even if one of the microphones is blocked, it can also complete effective sound reception and avoid interference The embarrassment of losing contact in competitive games. < / P > < p > although in many game related performance configurations, the configuration of game phones is more powerful, but the mainstream game phones often have similar configurations. However, the configuration of independent game buttons is unique to game phones, which is also regarded as the symbol of game phones to a certain extent. < / P > < p > just like our preference for console game controllers for a long time, compared with the virtual touch buttons on the mobile phone screen, both the physical buttons and the independent vibration buttons can bring players much more control experience than touch buttons in the game, and the extra buttons in competitive games can also bring unique advantages to players through custom functions. < p > < p > the Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3 Pro released this year has won the popularity of mobile game players with two independent lifting mechanical buttons. The lifting mechanical key of this model not only solves the problem that extra physical keys are easy to be touched by mistake, but also increases its volume through the lifting design, so as to accommodate the corresponding mechanical structure, thus bringing excellent hand feeling. < / P > < p > in the fierce battle in the canyon, the mobile phone prompts that the battery is low. It can be said that all mobile game players are not willing to face. For this reason, mobile game players put forward higher requirements for the mobile phone’s endurance, which includes not only the large capacity battery which can maintain high load operation for a long time, but also the high-power fast charging technology which can quickly charge and replenish the power. Especially after the popularity of fast charging technology, many players are used to the feeling that they can “return to the battlefield” by putting down their mobile phones after prompting for low power and charging for a few minutes. < / P > < p > among the game phones that have been sold at present, Lenovo rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro can be said to be the leader in terms of battery life. Lenovo save eSports mobile phone Pro is equipped with a 5000mAh large battery composed of two cells and super flash charging technology up to 90W. According to Lenovo, under the condition of using 90W dual power flash charging, the pro of Lenovo rescuer’s E-sports mobile phone can charge 100% of the battery power in 30 minutes. < / P > < p > from the above, we can see that mobile phone manufacturers have made a lot of efforts to create a mobile phone that can be loved by game players. Some of these efforts are to enhance the performance, some to improve the appearance design, and some are to upgrade the hardware configuration. In fact, these efforts are to meet the major pain points that mobile game players are different from ordinary mobile phone users. < / P > < p > the sense of operation is a core element of the game experience whether in the host game, PC game or handheld game. For this reason, game console and handset manufacturers often spend a lot of money to develop the controller, and PC games have given birth to a huge market of game peripherals. Similarly, for mobile game players, especially those who mainly play competitive games, the operation experience of the game is also very important. However, compared with other devices, mobile phones have inherent disadvantages in operation. Because now the main input device of smart phones is the screen, and the realization form is the virtual button. The virtual button is far inferior to the physical button in both the feel and the holding experience. < / P > < p > some people may want to ask, how important is the operation experience for competitive games? Here we might as well use two examples to illustrate. First of all, an important attribute of competitive mobile games is competition, which means that we must divide the winning and losing. That is to say, competitive mobile games compete with players’ operation just like competitive games on PC. since it is competition operation, the input device will naturally become a key link outside the player’s own level. < / P > < p > some friends here may want to ask, “does the gap between input devices affect the operation of the game so much?” In fact, it is difficult to describe this problem with words. In theory, the accuracy and feedback of the physical game input devices are better than the virtual buttons on the mobile screen. However, it is difficult for us to understand the gap from such description. < / P > < p > if we use a simple example to illustrate this gap, the most powerful case is that many competitive mobile games prohibit the use of peripheral hardware, and the players who log in the game using PC simulator will be individually matched, which is precisely because the gap between input devices can greatly affect the experience of competitive games. For mobile game players, competitive games are not all. Like PC players, there are also a group of hard core players who pay attention to the game plot and picture quality. For these hard core players, how to create immersive game experience on the mobile phone is the pain point. < / P > < p > in order to create an immersive experience on mobile phones, efforts should be made from three aspects. First of all, the screen is naturally, and vision has always been the core part of the game; secondly, sound. Although few people usually pay attention to the sound effect of the game, it is undeniable that good soundtrack and stereo sound effect are part of the immersive experience; the other is touch, which is vibration for mobile phones, and good vibration design can let you play Home gets better feedback in the game. For example, the shooting vibration design of Meizu 17 Series in shooting games is amazing. < / P > < p > how to maximize the performance of hardware and improve the game experience is an enduring topic in the field of game development. Due to some technical problems in the process of game development, mobile games will not be able to fully mobilize the performance of mobile phones in actual operation, resulting in the problem that the performance has not been fully utilized. Therefore, game phone manufacturers have specially developed the corresponding game acceleration engine, which also helps mobile games to fully mobilize the computing performance of mobile phones. < / P > < p > while fully mobilizing the performance of the mobile phone, considering that the mobile phone is not a PC after all, and needs to consider the issue of battery life, game phones generally have two performance mobilization schemes to choose from. One is that game applications can maximize the use of hardware performance to improve the image quality and frame rate of the game; the other is that game applications can guarantee the game body with low hardware performance The test is stable and smooth, thus reducing power consumption. For this reason, mobile phone manufacturers often introduce special game mode to let users switch between the two performance modes. < / P > < p > both game PC and game console have developed their own huge ecosystem through years of development, which covers the ecosystem from hardware to software, which not only brings rich experience to game players, but also creates business opportunities for relevant manufacturers. Similarly, as a product type subdivided from mainstream personal computing devices to meet the needs of games, game phones may also develop a rich ecosystem in the future. < / P > < p > one of the features of the game phones on sale is that they have game peripherals. The common accessory types include handle, heat dissipation back clip, customized protective cover, etc. The existence of these accessories can better improve the use experience of game phones in all aspects, and the rich profits of peripheral accessories can also enhance the investment of mobile phone manufacturers in this market. < / P > < p > compatibility is of great importance to create a good accessory ecology. If a model can only use the matching accessories, but not the accessories of other models in the same series, then