Under the halo of Apple’s A14, the A13 chip has been eclipsed, and the top iPhone has been reduced by 2000 yuan

The iPhone 12 didn’t show up at the apple new product launch on September 16, but the apple A14 chip took the lead under the cover of the new iPad air. According to official data, the powerful halo of < / P > < p > has made consumers look forward to the iPhone 12 more, while after the appearance of A14 chip, the mobile phone equipped with A13 processor has been eclipsed. According to data from third-party platforms, the price of the iPhone 11 Pro has dropped by 2000 yuan from a year ago to 6698 yuan. However, in the author’s opinion, it is not cost-effective to purchase such a product which is about to be eliminated. < / P > < p > it is undeniable that the iPhone 11pro was indeed a top flagship at the beginning of its launch, and even compared with the newly released product, its performance was not inferior. However, in addition to its strong performance, the functions of the iPhone 11 Pro have obviously lagged behind the average level of the flagship. The screen size of iPhone 11pro is 5.8 inches, the resolution is 1080p, the pixel density is 458ppi, and the screen display effect is extremely fine. However, the brightness performance of the screen is slightly poor, and it does not support high refresh rate. Although the small screen design allows users to control the mobile phone with one hand, it also limits the user’s vision. When playing games or watching videos, the immersion feeling of small screen mobile phone is far less than that of large screen flagship. < / P > < p > design was once the core competitiveness of Apple mobile phones. Before the advent of the era of full screen, many manufacturers pay homage to apple every year. But now, Android mobile phone manufacturers are far ahead of apple in terms of design capabilities. The Liu Hai screen and matrix lens solutions adopted by the iPhone 11 Pro are slightly inferior to the Android flagship in terms of aesthetics and innovation. < / P > < p > in addition, the iPhone 11 Pro is equally eye-catching in terms of photo taking and battery life that consumers are most concerned about. Although large pixels, large bottom, multi lens and other factors, there is no inevitable relationship with the imaging effect. But through the evolution of image flagship in the last two years, we can find that excellent hardware is indeed a necessary condition for taking a top-level photo. The three lens pixels of the iPhone 11 Pro are 12 million, which obviously does not meet the top flagship standard. < / P > < p > as for the battery life, although the iPhone 11pro replaces the ancestral 5W charger with 18W, the charging speed is not fast in front of Android phones, and the 3190mah battery is difficult to guarantee. Most consumers can survive a day without power failure under the normal use of the machine. Most importantly, the iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t support 5g, which means users can’t enjoy faster Internet speed and will have to accept the fate of being eliminated in the next two or three years. < / P > < p > comprehensively, the author thinks that if consumers are not very eager to buy Apple phones, it is a good choice whether they turn to Android or wait for a while. Skip to content