Under the Internet marketing thinking, master these points, realize wealth freedom!

In today’s era of Internet king, our marketing means have also entered into the current online sales from the traditional marketing mode, so as today’s Internet era, how can we quickly integrate into and master the mystery of it, which is also the necessary way to quickly realize wealth freedom. < / P > < p > refers to the understanding of product and service experience. In the competition of the Internet era, there are only four key points to achieve this, and the demand is accurate: < / P > < p > pain point: the user needs must be rigid, users have problems, and there is no way to solve them. These pains are the problems that need to be solved urgently. Itch point: there are some uncomfortable places in the process of work and life. They are both tired and unable to stop. They need help to tickle. Exciting point: the stimulation that brings the “wow” effect to the user and produces the exciting point. He forced himself hard, the management kept a close eye on, and dared to destroy the three outlooks. Iterative thinking: it refers to the understanding of the innovation process. The essence of iterative thinking is to grasp the needs of users in time and even in real time, and make dynamic product adjustments according to the needs of users. One is “micro”, focusing on small areas, micro innovation; the other is “fast”. There are two main reasons for the iteration of networked products: 1. The link from product supply to consumption is very short. 2. The cost of consumer feedback is very low. < / P > < p > focus on small points, micro Innovation: 1. It must be based on user thinking. 2. Start from the subtle needs. 3. Make “minimum feasible product”. 4. It’s not necessarily a hit. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction