Understanding iPhone 12 Mini: support 5g, open up a new realm

Apple today released iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, which support 5g technology, and the world’s top smartphones are entering a new realm. The new design of iPhone 12 has a wide XDR full screen of super retina, which makes the visual experience brighter and more attractive; the new ultra porcelain crystal panel makes the iPhone’s durability leap forward greatly. The A14 bionic designed by apple is the fastest chip of iPhone so far, and the power source of various wonderful experiences of iPhone 12. Combined with the advanced dual camera system, it brings significant new computing photography functions and the most excellent video quality of iPhone ever. The iPhone 12 models also include MagSafe, with a new magnetic suction accessory ecosystem, which provides high-power wireless charging, and fits the iPhone as soon as it is attached. “Support for 5g represents the iPhone entering a new level. We are happy that iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini can bring these wonderful new features to the majority of users. ” Greg joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, said. “We have broken through the limit again, bringing amazing computing photography function, super retina XDR display screen, and creating a new super porcelain crystal panel, making the iPhone’s durability the biggest leap in history. Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini are both well-known, and have evolved in shape design, both beautiful and durable. This makes it easier for users to choose the ideal iPhone that is appropriate for their lifestyle. ” The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are well designed to provide you with the best in class software and hardware, bringing you the advanced 5g experience that you can enjoy all over the world. The 5g speed of iPhone can give users faster upload and download speed, more fluent online viewing of high-definition video, enjoy more sensitive online game experience, feel real-time interaction among various apps, and experience HD FaceTime video calls, etc. Users will be able to enjoy secure high-speed connection, reduce the need for public WLAN hot spots. The iPhone 12 models support a wide range of 5g bands, providing a wide range of 5g coverage worldwide. IPhone 12 models also have intelligent data mode, which can intelligently determine when 5g speed is needed, and balance data consumption, speed and power consumption in real time, helping to extend battery life. The bionic system of

< p > A14 is the first smart phone chip with 5 nanometer process, which is far ahead of the competitors. A14 bionic speed and energy efficiency are improved. It has the fastest CPU and graphics processor to date, and can be up to 50% compared with the fastest smartphone of competitors. Not only can the host level game experience, powerful computing photography function, etc., battery life is also lasting outstanding. A14 bionic challenges the learning limit of machine, equipped with 16 core neural network engine, with performance improvement of up to 80%, and 11 trillion operations per second. Therefore, even machine learning model with extremely demanding computing requirements can also play a better performance. The design of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini is new in design, both beautiful and durable 2. IPhone 12 Mini is the smallest, thinnest and lightest 5g iPhone in the world. After being rebuilt, the iPhone 12 technology is integrated into a small body, and it also has an attractive wide and comprehensive screen. Both models are designed with new straight edge, with aviation grade aluminum metal frame and ultra porcelain crystal panel, which makes the appearance simple and smooth. The new high temperature crystallization process has been used to integrate nano ceramic crystals into glass matrix, which makes it more durable than glass and increases the anti drop ability to four times. The XDR full screen of the super retina of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini extends to the edge of the fuselage, with system level color management to bring the color accuracy of the leading industry. Both models have a contrast of 2000000:1, which can show real and deep black. Playing high-definition video can provide a fascinating HDR viewing experience. When displaying photos, details are also more abundant, and the peak brightness is nearly twice as high as that of iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini have advanced IP68 anti splash performance, and can stay for up to 30 minutes in the deepest 6 meters, and can resist the splashing of common liquids such as coffee and soda. Under the support of A14 bionic and new dual camera system, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini have powerful computing photography function, bring different shooting experience and take perfect photos and videos intuitively. The advanced camera system, equipped with ultra wide-angle cameras and the new wide-angle camera with a / 1.6 aperture, is the fastest camera ever on iPhone, with 27 percent more light capture, allowing you to take better photos and videos in low light. The iPhone 12 models upgrade the computing photography function to a new level. The original deep sense camera, wide angle and ultra wide angle camera all support night mode and faster deep fusion processing speed, and the photographing effect has been improved in various environments. When users take photos in low light in night mode, they will get brighter picture and better contrast; and the photos processed by deep fusion will have more delicate texture and less noise. Intelligent HDR will use machine learning technology to intelligently adjust the white balance, contrast, texture and saturation of photos, so that the picture looks more natural. The iPhone 12 is equipped with the first iPhone camera system to shoot dobby HDR video, and is the first and only device in the world to provide a full dobby experience. 5, it allows users to easily shoot, clip and share movies on the iPhone in a native way. When shooting video, dobby horizon color can also be processed in real time; in post clip, the color matching effect can be kept all the time in the photo app or iMovie clip. The iPhone 12’s industry-leading hyperretinal XDR display also makes video playback more realistic. Now, both models further strengthen the theater level video anti shake function, and support Dobby’s self-video is more vivid; while in low light environment, when using tripod to shoot night mode delay video, it can be exposed for a longer time, and the video produced is clearer, the light trace is brighter and the picture effect is smoother. The technology of MagSafe makes wireless charging experience more excellent and efficient, and also brings a comfortable magnetic suction accessories ecosystem, which is in line with the iPhone 12 models. MagSafe offers the iPhone a unique experience, and the magnetic absorption array around the wireless charging coil is optimized for quick alignment, and can be attached to the iPhone every time it is used. MagSafe can effectively provide up to 15W of charging power, and is compatible with existing devices supporting Qi standards. The charging options include MagSafe chargers, two-way chargers for iPhone and apple watch, new protective covers that fit easily to the back of the iPhone, silicone, leather, and transparent materials, and a leather card pack. Third party manufacturers will also provide users with a variety of novel MagSafe magnetic suction accessories. The iPhone experience is reshaped by IOS 14, allowing users to customize the home screen in a variety of new ways. The redesigned exquisite group can present relevant information in time, make it clear to users at a glance, and can be fixed on any page of the main screen in different sizes. App resource library is a new space, which can automatically organize all users’ apps into a simple and easy to browse view. In addition, IOS 14 also brings more new functions: light app provides users with a new way to discover and use apps; information app also ushers in significant updates, which can help users keep in touch; map app provides more environmental protection of urban travel; enhanced privacy function gives users higher transparency and control 7. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

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