Unique “salute”, tears of the times! Watching at station B

If you have a small partner with a bullet screen open, you will find that suddenly the bullet screen is really in bloom, and the beautiful woman is smiling like a flower, which is directly staged for you on the screen! This surprise should be familiar to many old users of station B, < / P > < p > that’s right. When the little dance shows its beautiful face, the screen suddenly explodes! That amazing flower occupies the whole screen with bright red color. Although to some extent, it prevents us from enjoying the beauty of the little dance, it is in another unique way to pay tribute to the new model of small dance. Looking at the formation of “bullet screen blossoming”, it seems that this little partner is very satisfied with the new appearance of the little dance, isn’t it? < / P > < p > many people like watching at station B, and they also like the “screen blossoming”. The barrage culture can make the audience have more communication. However, some little cute people think that it will affect their viewing effect, especially the “bullet screen blossom” of advanced bullet screen, or full screen brush screen, will hinder the content of the video to a certain extent There are different opinions on the appearance of barrage, which leads to the mature barrage system. < / P > < p > many old users of station B are familiar with this “bullet screen blossom”. After all, the popularity of barrage culture in station B extends to many places. The “bullet screen blossom” of Xiaowu is also one of them. It is called “advanced barrage”. It has swept many videos of station B and paid corresponding points or coins It is also necessary to submit an application to the up master. If the up master passes, it can be released. < / P > < p > many people call advanced bullet screens “tears of the times”. After all, in today’s videos, many bullet screens are relatively common, and it is difficult to see the “bullet screen blossoming”, not only because they need to pay coins or points, but also because they need to edit the code. These all require that the people who publish high-level bullet screens have certain code knowledge and economic foundation, but because of more resources and more functions Different from the age of the audience, the once popular high-level bullet screen has become the “tears of the times”! < / P > < p > perhaps the disappearance of “bullet screen blossom” also has a certain relationship with the shift of the center of gravity of station B. station B, which made its fortune in the second dimension, has now developed into diversification. It is not only the works related to the second dimension, but also other fields, such as knowledge popularization and education, are gradually blooming. And other fields are more serious atmosphere, the emergence of high-level bullet screen will be a little abrupt, perhaps this is the reason why they tend to be more young in the secondary works? < / P > < p > it can be said that the second dimension made station B and the barrage culture of station B. in particular, the unique “salute” of advanced Barrage is really the tears of the times! Do you have a great feeling when you come across “bullet screen blossom” at station B? Do you like this kind of “barrage blossoming”? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine