Upgrade the iPhone 6S from 5 years ago to IOS 14 over the weekend, just like a new mobile phone!

There are always some people who have special feelings for 6S. After all, it is a classic work in Apple mobile phone and a good friend who has been with him for 5 years. They are reluctant to change the plane, that is, they are waiting for the day when 6S really retires, waiting for the emergence of a new model that can truly replace the status of 6S in their mind. A mobile phone has been used for five years, but it still doesn’t get stuck. It can be seen that 6S is indeed one of Apple’s most successful products. Here the captain wants to say, even if a mobile phone accompany you for a long time, it will eventually usher in the day of elimination. < p > < p > it has been five years since the iPhone 6S was launched. Even now, apple still hasn’t given up its system support. From the list of IOS 14 support models released recently, we can see that the iPhone 6S is very popular. As we all know, Android phones have basically stopped updating the system after about two years of release, and users have to buy mobile phones again if they want to experience new functions. < / P > < p > it has been used for nearly 5 years now. At the same time, I replaced it with a new battery because of the poor performance of the battery. Therefore, if you simply look at the performance of the iPhone 6S, in fact, I think it is passable and can meet the needs of daily use. < / P > < p > IOS 14 has become popular in Apple these two days because of the popularity of plug-ins. A configuration that has not been mentioned on Android has become popular again in apple. Many people find it incredible. Apple’s plug-ins are more user-friendly and have a better interface than Android. However, for the current mobile phone with the lowest upgrade limit is the iPhone 6S. Many people want to know whether the iPhone 6S can be upgraded, or whether the IOS 14 card can not be upgraded? < p > < p > iPhone 6S users shared their experience after trying to upgrade IOS 14. After upgrading ios14, the software opening speed has been significantly improved. Even if you look at the current situation, the fluency of this iPhone 6S, which is nicknamed “Shenji” by netizens, is not inferior to the mainstream Huawei 5g midrange mobile phone on the market. < / P > < p > although the iPhone 6S was launched five years ago, it uses an A9 processor. However, as you can see from the video, there is no significant delay in opening the widget, picture in picture mode, message function, Safari, performance and battery menu. Although the battery power has dropped sharply, it may also be due to the aging of the equipment battery. Other new IOS 14 features seem to run smoothly. < / P > < p > for most iPhone 6S users, the biggest worry is battery life and heating. After upgrading ios14, there is no big change in terms of endurance and heating. After upgrading from ios13.5 to ios14, the software opening speed and game experience have been improved to a certain extent. The only drawback is that 32GB storage can no longer meet the daily use needs! < / P > < p > in short, when I brush IOS 14 on the iPhone 6S, my biggest feeling is that I have replaced a new machine, but I can’t accept the disadvantage of fast power consumption. Especially in the iPhone 6S battery capacity itself is relatively small on the basis of fast power consumption means that more than one day to ensure that the use of not affected. As for the game performance of the iPhone 6S, Tony thinks that it has little to do with whether the phone will upgrade to IOS 14 or not. As the performance and technology of mobile phones released for more than two or three years are bound to fall behind, manufacturers can only guarantee that the mobile phone will not be stuck for 18-30 months at most, and no one can tell in the future. As a flagship phone five years ago, the iPhone 6S can still perform as well as it does now, and it is worthy of its starting price of 5288. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia