US media: China has obvious advantages in 5g competition

China has more 5g users than the United States, not only in terms of total number, but also in terms of per capita. It sells more 5g smartphones at a lower price and has a wider 5g coverage. In general, China’s network speed is also faster than that of the United States. The faster speed and larger capacity brought by 5g technology may lead to various applications. For the two countries, 5G applications that may change lives, such as self driving cars, remote surgery and automated workshops, will take years to achieve widespread application. However, China’s leading position in the construction of 5g network may also make it ahead in this respect. Li Yusheng, an analyst at Jeffrey investment bank in Hong Kong, said he didn’t think there was much difference between the two countries in terms of the overall benefits 5g brings to consumers and the industry. But, he said, “if you measure progress in terms of the scale of the network, China is far ahead.” The obvious advantage of China lies in the basic elements of 5g technology. Handel Jones, chief executive of international business strategy consulting, said that by the end of this year, it is estimated that there will be about 690000 5g base stations in China, compared with 50000 in the United States. < / P > < p > this advantage helps Chinese smart phone enterprises to win on the starting line in launching 5g mobile phones. Carnalis, a market tracker, said Apple launched its first 5g device only last month, while U.S. consumers had only 16 5g smartphones to choose from as of September. Chinese users have 86. Analysts attribute China’s leading position in the introduction and adoption of 5g technology to Beijing’s efforts, which has set positive 5g development goals for the three state-owned telecom operators. Compared with the United States, 5g versions across China are more uniform and the network speed is more consistent, said Wayne Lam, research director of CCS insight. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally