Use dopamine’s pleasure mechanism to drive oneself to pursue dreams and occupy the commanding heights in the future

I don’t know why I’ve been to senior two. I feel like I’ve learned so much knowledge, but I don’t know what I’ve learned. I don’t know whether a complete thinking model has been established yet, and it can be remedied. < / P > < p > excuse me, is this kind of thinking model suitable for high school, that is, learning efficiency is too low, and it’s a waste of time. If it is useful, I’m willing to invest Thank you < / P > < p > < p > for a small Retreat: “if you can really absorb my things at such a young age, it’s your luck. I just feel that I didn’t have this opportunity at the beginning. Of course, it depends on whether you have confidence. < / P > < p > when the scope of knowledge is more and more extensive, and it has depth and breadth, I feel more and more why I can’t access such a luxurious knowledge system in my student’s time or a few years after graduation. < / P > < p > or in other words, I have been exposed to it, but why is it useless to learn? Why can’t I really absorb what I’ve learned and apply it to my life. < p > < p > this goes back to the triple realm mentioned by the Buddha: however, all the learning in the early years of xiaoxuxu was basically at the primary level, and did not even reach the level of thinking, let alone be able to apply it to life. < p > < p > therefore, the key point of this model training is, but please note that even thinking itself is quite difficult, and there is still a long way to go from thinking to entering and applying to life. < / P > < p > therefore, in the whole model training course, on the one hand, I need to deepen the direction, and on the other hand, strive to fully integrate into life. I will constantly practice these ideas in my life, and then share them with you. It is the most difficult and meaningful step to apply the concept to life. < / P > < p > please be clear about these three stages, and have a deep understanding of which stage they are in. The key problem for the senior two student above is to stay in the listening stage, just like the stage I was in in in the first ten years of the small retreat, and there are a lot of them. < / P > < p > it’s not that I don’t work hard. On the contrary, I’m super hardworking. I just spend all my energy on a lot of things, such as reading countless books and tutorials, learning various projects and so on. This is the key to the problem. < / P > < p > you know, in high school, University and 6-8 years after graduation, I studied and worked very hard. After graduation, I was also a very radical pragmatist, purely for the sake of real fame and wealth. Because I grew up in such a family environment, everything was too normal for me. However, it was such a very utilitarian purpose that involved me In the eight years after graduation, I have been doing anything beneficial to fame and fortune. When I feel unprofitable when I do something, I will switch projects. Each project lasts about one year or even shorter. Therefore, I wasted a lot of projects. Of course, there are industry dividends in my early years. For example, I did foreign trade e-commerce in 2008-12 years, and I really made the first pot of gold Then foreign trade began to decline, so I turned to domestic e-commerce. In 15 years, I started to start a business on domestic e-commerce platform with my friends until 19 years ago. < / P > < p > since graduation, I have been busy with pragmatism and various surface operations. Therefore, in the five years of entrepreneurship, I began to go downhill. It was during the decline of these five years that I tried my best to find out why my life was like this and why I worked so hard, but the result was so unsatisfactory. < / P > < p > If I want me to make a summary for the past 10 years, that is, when you do something for some very utilitarian purpose, what is not important to you is the result, and it is your desire. When things are not important, then we can’t put our mind on it and can’t focus on it. < / P > < p > What’s more troublesome is that you don’t have all your mind on things, and you don’t have the spirit to gnaw to the end. Therefore, in today’s increasingly competitive society, if other people have the spirit of craftsmanship, or stupid enough to focus on the spirit of a screw, ten years as one day, then in this subdivision field, you must be unable to compete with him, no matter how hard you try No matter whether you work harder than him or not, just because your purpose is to be utilitarian, so you distract your energy, you keep adding and even switching projects. < / P > < p > you can’t stick to one project and one thing, so it’s doomed that you can’t compete with those who are consistent, and if you can’t compete, you can change projects, which will lead to a vicious circle! < / P > < p > in fact, every time I do something, I always try my best. From high school, it can be said that I am the most diligent in the whole class, and the university is also the most self disciplined. After graduation, I have to toss until 12 o’clock every night. Therefore, I basically understand all things about the Internet, and I am basically a semi professional person in every post of e-commerce, I even studied program development and IOS development. If I could only focus on one right thing ten years ago and not distract myself, I would have become an industry expert today. < / P > < p > that’s why I sometimes realize that I need to walk so many detours to find my fulcrum today. If only I had this awareness in earlier years. < / P > < p > it can be said that in the past 10 years, I have worked harder than most people, but I have scattered my energy and learned everything. As a result, when the industry entered the reshuffle, the e-commerce enterprise I worked in was the first to be subverted, because we have been floating on the surface, and we have not really settled down to knock on products. However, as the saying goes, when God closes a door, it will open another window. It is the continuous downhill road in the past five years, which urges me to continue to study hard to find the answer. Therefore, the earlier period, which I defined as suffering, has made me who I am today. Everything seems to have to go this way. < / P > < p > today, I am very clear why I failed before. The biggest problem is that I am covered by dopamine’s pleasure system. When you are for fame and wealth, you are hijacked by dopamine. All matters related to fame and wealth firmly control your instinct. However, all external learning and external ideas fail to obtain dopamine Therefore, in the face of instinct, it has no effect at all. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to use the pleasure mechanism of dopamine to give value and significance to our target weak model on the basis of understanding dopamine, so as to make us have the motivation to use these weak models in the strong model of life. < / P > < p > there are about 80 billion neurons in the human brain, and each neuron cell can send out as many as 7000 links. The links between these neurons are not actually connected together, but there is a gap between them. Neurotransmitters are transmitted between the gap, which forms a synapse with presynaptic membrane and postsynaptic membrane, In other words, the synapse is such a structure that signals are transmitted between two neuron cells. The current is transmitted to the synapse in a single neuron cell, which stimulates the presynaptic membrane to release neurotransmitters, and reaches the postsynaptic membrane through the gap, and then the signal is transmitted to the next neuron cell. < / P > < p > the key understanding here is that the signal transmission between two neuron cells is completed by neurotransmitter, and neurotransmitter is a kind of chemical substance, which is released by some neurons in the brain, and then plays the role of signal transmission between neurons. It can be said that our body’s emotions are controlled by neurotransmitters. What kind of neurotransmitters are transmitted by the brain, we will have what kind of emotions in our body, such as adrenaline, which makes people afraid and nervous or has explosive power in an instant, oxytocin, which can enhance the sense of trust, and dopamine, which we mainly discuss in this paper, drives human action It is said that there are hundreds of neurotransmitters, which control people’s emotions and desires. < / P > < p > in this chapter, we mainly focus on the understanding of dopamine neurotransmitters, as shown in the figure below. The two elliptical regions are the two neuron regions that produce dopamine. The arrow is the direction of dopamine transmission in the brain after dopamine production. Therefore, we can simply understand that when electrical signals stimulate these two elliptical regions, the brain produces dopamine, which is transmitted to certain parts of the brain, and the behavior controlled by the corresponding positions will be rewarded with pleasure. < / P > < p > most people have heard of Pavlov’s dog. After feeding many times, when the dog sees the feeder, the dog will secrete saliva. In other words, originally, dogs only salivate on food and react to food. But now, through training and linking, dogs equate feeders with food and react to feeders. < / P > < p > the researchers implanted microelectrodes into the brains of mice to stimulate a specific area of the brain, such as the dopamine system. The rats would forget to eat or sleep, press the electrodes when they were tired, that is, self stimulation, even hunger and pain. The temptation of delicious food was useless, even until death.

this as like as two peas, which are addictive, all addictive activities of human beings are related to it. For example, a teenager who indulged in games will be exactly like the above mouse. Hunger, delicacy or stick will not be of use to him. The pleasure of playing this game in upgrading and abusing others is even less than any other temptation. The pleasure of coming. The experiment also tested the removal of the dopamine system. As a result, the mouse could feel pleasure when eating, but it did not know the process of getting it. < / P > < p > a behavior driven system, when you do something and you expect certain results, you will have the motivation to do it. When the results are as expected, the brain releases dopamine and you get a reward for pleasure. < / P > < p > all functions of the human body are initially set up for the purpose of seeking benefits and avoiding disadvantages. How does the brain promote people to seek profits? That is to set up a sense of pleasure for the brain and a sense of fear and pain for avoiding harm. < / P > < p > the pursuit of profit here is not to get profit, but the feeling that they will get it or they will get it, that is, the pleasure of expectation. This pleasure is driven by the dopamine mechanism of the brain. If we do something a and get the expected result a, that is to say, we realize the original expectation of profit seeking, then the brain will release pramine and we will get it To the pleasure reward. < / P > < p > in this way, we can understand that the reward of pleasure will be remembered by some neuron cells, and then these cells will expect to get the reward again. However, there is a key mechanism in the brain, that is, the same thing a, you need to get the same reward again,

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