Using Huabei to “speculate in stocks and cash out”, young people “pay attention”, Ma Yun has already “targeted” you

Since Ma Yun founded Huabei, Huabei has become a “favorite” of young people. Not only does it have no service charge, it also doesn’t have to worry about being included in the “blacklist” of the central bank. Ma Yun’s loose bottom line has gradually become the dependence of young people’s unlimited “overdraft”. < / P > < p > “drink today, get drunk today”, which is actually a poem without “ambition”. However, it can not be more appropriate to describe those young people in 2020. Contemporary people’s understanding of excessive consumption may be limited to the superficial meaning. The advanced consumption advocated by young people today is actually consumption in the future!

Alipay’s ant flower, the most popular loan product for young people, has gained more and more borrowed money over the years. But when the amount is higher and higher, people’s “greed” also began to show. < p > < p > originally, Huabei was created to solve the urgent need, but gradually, the existence of Huabei changed its flavor. Young people began to constantly “play edge ball”, not only with Huabei cash, and even some people use Huabei to speculate in stocks and buy houses. You know, once you set foot on the road of no return, it’s hard to go back. < p > < p > due to Ma Yun’s “free range” policy, more and more young people are emboldened, always thinking: in any case, Huabei doesn’t need credit reference, even if it’s overdue, it’s OK. What’s more, the service charge is not high. It is such “self deception” that makes young people “indulge” themselves more and more. < p > < p > it’s common to cash out and speculate in stocks with Huabei. Some people can repay on time, while others delay after losing. Always rely on flowers, not on credit reference, there is no scruple, but Ma Yun is not “no bottom line” people. Even if you don’t have to be careful, you should be careful.

in July 28th, some customers asked customers why they had a “access credit” prompt. Then Alipay’s customer service gave an explanation. At present, Hua Bai is trying to get access to the central bank’s credit, but not all users have opened a credit inquiry.

then customer service introduction, if your Alipay APP flower on the home page, there is an important reminder to confirm the entrance, click in will find a “agreement agreement and upgrade” option, this is your access to the central bank’s credit information prompt, if not, that explains your flower “temporary security”. < p > < p > in the past, people couldn’t use Huabei for credit reference, but now Ma Yun has made a “tough move”. Some users of Huabei have already connected to the central bank’s credit investigation, which also means that in the future, Huabei is likely to be fully integrated into the central bank’s credit investigation. At that time, the nature of Huabei is the same as that of credit card. Once overdue, all your business will be banned. < / P > < p > for many young people, they have been used to the mode of excessive consumption. Now Huabei is gradually connected to the central bank credit investigation. Many people say that they are not used to it, and a large number of young people have closed Huabei. It is not difficult to see that these young people are still more crisis conscious. < p > < p > nowadays, Huabei’s “edge ball” can’t be played any more. Some people think that they haven’t been connected to the credit reference, but Huabei’s current action is already “iron hearted” to access the central bank’s credit reference. For the sake of future credibility, young people still need to think twice before acting. After all, Ma Yun is not a “bottomless” person. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia