Video entertainment superimposed paperless learning, Huawei’s tablet M6 to be upgraded?

When it comes to tablet computers in the Android camp, many people really love and hate them. Love is its excellent ease of use and control, “hate” is low split screen, poor continuity, performance bottlenecks. In June last year, Huawei launched the M6 tablet computer, which can be said to be one of the best. As soon as the product came into the market, it smashed some inherent problems of Android tablet computers through its flagship SOC Kirin 980, 2K resolution and 6100mah / 7500mah high-capacity lithium battery.

at the same time, after the launch of M6, with its excellent performance price ratio, Huawei’s Tablet PC sales in China surpassed apple, the first brother in the tablet computer industry. This achievement can be described as the biggest recognition of Huawei’s M6.

when it comes to tablet computers, the cognition in our habitual thinking is mobile leisure and entertainment equipment. But in fact, tablets are also an important learning and productivity tool for many users. According to a survey report recently released by the billion Europe think tank, in recent years, the sales volume of online education hardware equipment represented by tablet computers and personal computers has increased by nearly 50%. In the first quarter of 2020, the average sales of tablet computer equipment for online education exceeded 1 million.

at the same time, we found that thanks to the rich interaction mode of tablet computers, the full scene interactive experience also plays a positive role in promoting paperless learning. Take station B as an example, when we search for keywords such as “tablet / learning, painting, performance”, we will find that users can achieve fine painting and performance control through touch screen and pen.

in fact, with the development of touch screen and pen technology, the interactive mode and interactive experience of tablet computers have changed greatly. At the same time, it also gave birth to some creative activities that are difficult to realize in the era of no tablet. For example, at the end of July, the theme art salon activity of “painting summer is not a problem” was held in Huawei’s stores and offline experience stores across the country. By inviting big painters to participate in the activity, Xiaobai, who likes art, was taught to “learn to draw from scratch”. Through Huawei’s tablet, they could experience the fun of flat-panel painting and paperless painting.

this can be said to be the most typical application case of tablet computers in addition to leisure and entertainment. It has changed the traditional media of our study, work and creation, and can effectively reduce resource consumption and become more green.

Huawei’s tablet M6, as a very successful product released last year, has become a sharp tool for different users to create value through strong performance and interactive experience. If the message of the upgrade version of M6 is true, what upgrades will be implemented on the basis of M6?

Huawei M6 stands out in terms of performance because of the powerful computing and graphics performance of Kirin 980 SOC. From this point of view, Huawei’s M6 upgrade is likely to upgrade the latest Kirin 990 SOC, thus bringing greater improvement to the overall computing and graphics performance.

as a mobile device, the battery life of a tablet is very important. Huawei’s tablet M6 is equipped with super large capacity lithium batteries for different sizes of equipment. The 8.4-inch product has a capacity of 6100 MAH, and the 10.8-inch product is equipped with 7500mah lithium-ion battery. At the same time, it also supports fast charging technology. Compared with Apple’s iPad, Huawei’s tablet is in a leading position in terms of battery capacity and fast charging technology. For Huawei’s 888
, it may be an important upgrade to maintain its endurance. For electronic equipment, improving the battery life is not only a simple matter of increasing battery capacity, but also requires better hardware power consumption control, which is not difficult for Huawei. As a result, if the upgraded version of Huawei’s flat panel M6 can further improve its endurance, it will undoubtedly benefit users greatly.

the most typical example is the multi screen collaboration function applied in notebook computers and smart phones. It combines hardware of different systems and platforms organically, and realizes efficient and smooth application experience through simple and direct interaction. The upgraded version of Huawei’s flat panel M6, no surprise, will also be the beneficiary of multi screen collaborative function.

the tablet computer based on touch interaction is also the best carrier for multi screen collaborative function. Whether it is learning, painting, work, or productivity release in more different scenes, multi screen collaboration can let users get the best experience.

in addition, the upgraded version of Huawei’s tablet M6 will undoubtedly inherit some of the excellent experiences of the M6, such as the parallel horizon function, Xiaoyi intelligent voice assistant, etc.

Nowadays, in addition to the leisure and entertainment attributes, it is the general trend of the industry to comprehensively explore the expansion of learning and productivity applications. Whoever can grasp the opportunity in it can master the initiative. The emergence of Huawei’s tablet M6 has changed the shortcomings of Android tablet computers in terms of performance and experience. If the message of the upgraded version of tablet M6 is true, it will inevitably upgrade the overall use experience through hardware and function upgrading on the basis of it, so as to meet users’ needs for more dimensions of tablet PC products.

Author: zmhuaxia