Video fire! Zhiyun throws a heavy bomb again, high cost performance emotional stabilizer is upgraded in an all-round way

With 5g high-speed traffic, we are no stranger to electronic stabilizers in the era of national video creation. When it comes to the SLR stage stabilizers with sub categories, we are very familiar with the old brand “Zhiyun”. Three years ago, Zhiyun swept through the same level product market with Yunhe 2, becoming a powerful weapon for Zhiyun to expand the mass consumption market. With the empowerment of the previous generation, Zhiyun has launched a new upgraded Yunhe 2S three-axis stabilizer, which has been optimized and upgraded in terms of stability, load capacity, disassembly and assembly design, and fuselage workmanship, and its price has been further reduced. For the studio or the photography team, it is a photographic auxiliary artifact with guaranteed versatility and practicality. < / P > < p > from the outside, Yunhe 2S has returned to the “classic shape” of the previous generation, and has not chosen the iconic “teapot” design of Zhiyun in the past two years. With the help of the old emotional design, the main color of the whole machine is black and decorated with gold, which has a very high-end look. In the main body of the fuselage, Yunhe 2S adopts high-strength aluminum alloy and CNC anodizing process. In order to make the grip more skid resistant and wear-resistant, the handle also uses high-grade industrial carbon fiber material to ensure that the whole machine is solid and light, and it is not tiring to hold for a long time. < / P > < p > it’s not good to have the appearance in the air. The load of Yunhe 2S is less than 5kg. Thanks to the addition of the ninth generation honeycomb stability control algorithm, the whole machine response tracking speed is more sensitive, so the Yunhe 2S can easily carry bmpcc 6K, Panasonic S1H, EOS 1dx Mark II and Nikon d850 Such as large-scale camera and lens combination, there is no need to worry about the large-scale SLR equipment will not be able to adapt to the load. In order to improve the stability of camera installation, Yunhe 2S also provides “security lock” and “lock trigger” two major stability guarantees, and supports the “lock / release quick loading board” function in one step, so as to meet the user’s efficient switching of various photographing devices during field transfer. < / P > < p > for old users, the global POV, 3D dream, mad dog mode supported by the previous generation are all reserved on Yunhe 2S, and can be switched at any time by pressing the trigger key. Yunhe 2S also supports a variety of high-level playing methods, such as giant screen photography, fixed-point delay, mobile delay, long exposure dynamic delay, etc., which meets the requirements of the veteran photographer. What’s more, Yunhe 2S also supports one button vertical racket, which is equipped with a safety lock and locking screw. It is different from the rabbit cage or L-shaped vertical plate needed in the market to realize the stabilizer of the vertical racket, which not only reduces the cost of additional accessories, but also greatly reduces the operation time. < / P > < p > in terms of expansibility, Yunhe 2S also has a number of external interfaces reserved, and the image transmission slot at the bottom of the quick assembly board can also rotate the scallop map transmission accessories. Under the perfect integration of smart cloud image transmission ecology, the photography team can easily complete the team cooperation, supplemented by the newly upgraded three sets of focus tracking operating system, it can realize low delay self-contained tracking wheel control servo tracking device, electronic focus tracking, focus control of mobile phone and terminal through image transmission, providing technical support for clear image quality output. < / P > < p > in terms of details, Yunhe 2S also upgrades the OLED screen to 0.96 inch, and also supports bilingual menus in both Chinese and English. The parameters and operation modes are clear at a glance. Yunhe 2S handle is also equipped with three removable 18650 lithium batteries, which can basically meet the requirements of 12 hours of continuous creation, greatly reducing the anxiety of endurance under high-intensity photography. At present, there are two versions of Yunhe 2S. For the coming users of Yunhe 2, the Zhiyun official website also provides the service of “renewing” as before= target=_ blank>Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia