Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

At present, the video assistant is still in the internal test, and users can log in to use the tool on the PC. The users who are not in the internal test list can only see the comrades who have no internal test permission. They need to wait patiently.

in terms of function, the background of video Number assistant is similar to that of wechat public platform. The official account can send papers, look at the data and manage the official account numbers. The video assistant also sees the data of each video, the amount of praise and other data centers, and the data center that will soon be launched.

dynamic management: display the sent video data, and send new video here; personnel setting, showing operators, adding operators; data center: expected to be exported sent video data, not yet online; notification Center: consistent with the notification center on the “discovery – VIDEO number” page to notify the latest information. One of the most useful new features is that certified video numbers can also be bound to operators. A video number can be bound to 4 operators, operators can log in, send video, reply to user messages and other operations. However, if your video number has not been authenticated, you need to complete the authentication in the settings on the video number home page.

after becoming an operator of multiple video numbers, scanning code can select a bound video number to log in, which is consistent with the logic of wechat public platform.

the biggest change may be that the video size of the video number has been greatly expanded. The PC video Number assistant can upload 1g video and 20m pictures. From this size limit, watching movies with video number is not a dream. The only limitation is the length of time.

wechat provides more and more powerful entrance and practical tools for video numbers. It not only has a stronger entrance in the circle of friends and search and search, but also has more and more complete operation tools and operation support.