Video shooting is not afraid of shaking, more stable and clearer, vlog artifact Feiyu pocket 2

Now life, we can say that basically has achieved the mobile and intelligent. With the full development of mobile Internet, short video, vlog and other forms of life recording have begun to move into the mainstream. In the current flagship products released, not only the ability to take photos, but also the ability to record and photograph have been strengthened. However, whether it is the concept of micro pan tilt or video anti shake function, people still face many technical and operational tests when shooting with mobile phones. Therefore, the stabilizer becomes the choice of more people, because the existence of the stabilizer can greatly reduce the use threshold of video shooting and vlog recording. Feiyu pocket 2 is a very excellent vlog recording artifact! < / P > < p > from the packaging point of view, Feiyu pocket 2 is packaged with blue and white background color. In the front and center of the box, there is a rendering of the folding storage state and working state of Feiyu pocket 2 stabilizer. In addition, the brand logo is on the top left, and the specific name and model number of the product are shown below the rendering image. < / P > < p > on the side of the box, we can see some of the key selling points of this product, including convenient storage, convenient horizontal and vertical shooting, object tracking and control of native camera. < / P > < p > the packaging of the product adopts the way of heaven and earth cover. Open the box and you can see the product. All accessories include: a stabilizer host, a storage bag, a tripod, a type-C charging cable, and a paper instruction manual. < p > < p > overall, although Feiyu pocket2 is small in size, it has five internal organs, tripods and storage bags. It can be said that Feiyu’s sincerity in upgrading pocket series products is visible and tangible. < / P > < p > as a three axis stabilizer, Feiyu pocket2 is very small in storage, which is basically similar to a large screen smart phone. < / P > < p > from the front of the grip of Feiyu pocket 2, it is the core functional operation area. The round button on the left is a 360 degree rocker, and the three black buttons surrounding the circular button are video recording button, Photo button and multi-function key from top to bottom. On the left side of the grip is a sliding zoom key. < / P > < p > on the right side of the handle is the power key, which is mainly used for switching on / off and some complex operations. In addition, the type-C interface is below the power button, which is mainly used for charging. < p > < p > Feiyu pocket 2 needs to do two preparations before use: 1. Complete a charge before the stabilizer is used for the first time, which is more beneficial to the performance and service life of the battery; 2. After the stabilizer is deployed, it is necessary to release the triaxial locking and complete the leveling action. < / P > < p > the first key point is not too much explained here. The unlocking of three axes is a necessary action before use. Of course, the way to release the lock is very simple, and there are stickers with pictures and pictures on the fuselage of the stabilizer to illustrate. < / P > < p > after unlocking as shown in the figure, we can install the mobile phone for leveling test. The leveling test needs to install the mobile phone into the mobile phone holder first, and then conduct the horizontal leveling test first, and then find the balance point of the mobile phone in the mobile phone clip. Then, erect the phone and adjust the sliding axis on the back of the clip to vertical level. < / P > < p > at this time, press the power on button to work normally. The tripod can be installed according to the personal shooting conditions and needs. If it is a personal shooting, especially for fixed-point shooting, delayed photography or using the focus function to shoot pictures, it is best to install and use the tripod; even if the tripod is installed, the weight is only about 270g, which is not very heavy. If the installation of < / P > < p > is successful, it will be tested. During my time of using Feiyu pocket 2, I have been traveling and shopping malls. From the hand-held pictures, the performance of Feiyu pocket 2 is relatively stable. The captured images will not be blurred or ghosted due to the speed, height, jitter and swing in the process of traveling; compared with the pictures taken when they are not in use, they are indeed improved too much. < / P > < p > when shooting with Feiyu pocket 2, you can take the desired picture with the function key on the grip. As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds of physical keys around the grip, including zoom, power switch, 360 ° rocker, function key, photo key, video recording key and trigger key. In addition to the nominal functions, double-click on the multi-function key position can switch between horizontal and vertical beats; three consecutive strokes can enter the standby mode, which is more energy-saving; and five consecutive strokes can be used for initialization operation. < / P > < p > in addition, the trigger button has double-click and three-click functions, double-click to reset the heading axis and return to the boot state; three-click is to switch the front and rear cameras. It can be said that the basic function implementation is still very complete. < / P > < p > downloading the official app can also realize more advanced functions and try more professional shooting mode. Static photography includes overlapping image, super wide angle, light track mode, panoramic photo and other modes. Dynamic photography also includes interesting and practical shooting such as target tracking and dream stealing space. The function of target tracking in app is more powerful, and automatic tracking and shooting can be realized after selecting the target to be tracked and photographed. < / P > < p > in addition, the endurance of Feiyu pocket 2 is not bad. Although the battery capacity is 1300mAh, it looks small, but it is still very durable. I took about 5 hours to shoot Laojunshan, then I spent half a day shooting in Yuntai Mountain, and then I took 1-2 hours to shoot in the mall before I lost power. It’s about 10-13 hours of endurance. At the same time, Feiyu pocket 2 uses the C interface, so charging is very fast. < / P > < p > on the whole, Feiyu pocket2 is still very cost-effective, and more than 400 yuan is the bottom line in this category. As a three-axis stabilizer, it can be easily held and stored, which meets the needs of vlog photographers. In terms of function setting and operation, Feiyu pocket 2 supports both entity button operation and app operation; there are not only basic playing methods, but also advanced playing methods. The function is perfect, the operation can be advanced, the playability is also very strong, and the practicability is enough. Although there are some small shortcomings, such as the wheelbase, some large-size mobile phones can be installed with the movement of the belt, but the game of inception can’t play. What’s more, if the tracking target moves too fast during tracking shooting, the response speed of the stabilizer will be slower. Therefore, it is better to learn the action of moving down the mirror and changing the scene in daily shooting to make the video better On the whole, it is a product with full sincerity and perfect functions. < / P > < p > the entry-level price, 1000 yuan function, Feiyu pocket 2 can be regarded as a product worthy of vlog photographers! 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