Virtual exhibition hall real experience the 16th ICIF Yunnan exhibition hall is nice

Yunnan has built a Yunnan “cloud exhibition hall” composed of 13 virtual exhibition areas through 3D modeling technology. The whole exhibition hall is located under the blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by Jinding snow mountain, reflecting the remarkable landscape features of Yunnan. It not only shows the achievements of 3D modeling, cultural and creative industries in Yunnan, but also presents the integration of 3D modeling technology, cultural innovation technology and other technologies in Yunnan. < p > < p > virtual reality technology is a kind of computer simulation system that can create and experience the virtual world, so that users can experience the most real feelings in the virtual reality world. < p > < p > the “cloud exhibition hall” in Yunnan mainly focuses on “Colorful Yunnan on the cloud”. Several VR videos and 5gvr live broadcast “package” the beautiful scenery and cultural customs of all parts of Yunnan, and every place the audience wants to go is an immersive experience. < / P > < p > through the integration of 5g network and VR technology, the audience can see the 360 degree live slow live video of hot tourist attractions without dead corners in front of the screen, and the weather conditions and the number of people can be mastered in real time. < p > < p > AR technology, after simulating the virtual information such as text, image, 3D model, music, video and so on, it is applied to the real world, so as to realize the “enhancement” of the real world. < p > < p > the costumes of Yunnan ethnic minorities are unique and beautiful. With the help of AR technology, although the audience can not see it with their own eyes, they can also vividly and concretely feel its uniqueness through the three-dimensional simulation of the character model. In the unique ethnic minority exhibition area of Yunnan, AR technology simulates five dolls in Jinuo, Naxi, Bai, De’ang and Wa, showing the beauty of Yunnan ethnic costumes. < / P > < p > how to move more than 100 exhibits into the “cloud exhibition hall” and let the audience get a better viewing experience? This is achieved by high-precision modeling and 3D reconstruction technology. < / P > < p > the exhibits with Yunnan local characteristics and a large number of exhibits with “gold, wood, soil, stone and cloth” have been restored with high-precision modeling, 3D reconstruction technology and digital interaction technology. Slide the mouse to zoom in on the exhibits. Drag the mouse to view the different sides of the exhibits in 360 or 720 degrees. The audience can not only appreciate the exhibits from all aspects, but also watch and listen to the stories behind the exhibits in a more comprehensive and detailed way. < / P > < p > in each special exhibition area of the whole “cloud exhibition hall”, many interactive hot spots are designed respectively. By touching the hot spots on the screen, the audience can enter the offline real scene visiting area related to the online exhibition hall or exhibits to realize the interaction between the online and offline exhibition halls, and the interaction of virtual exhibition area and real space, which greatly expands the exhibition space of Yunnan Pavilion. < / P > < p > by clicking on the interactive hot spots, there will also be a lot of text, pictures, videos and other forms of presentation of the exhibits, so that the audience can understand the contents of the exhibits in multiple dimensions. < p >, the exhibition hall has unlimited information and unlimited interactive space. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer