Vivo 5g shows its edge, 4K screen + snapdragon 865plus + double 85 million, which is the strength of vivo

Most of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the market are expanding overseas markets. For example, Huawei is actively expanding in Europe, which makes Huawei have a high reputation in Europe, while oppo and Xiaomi are actively promoting the mobile phone market in Southeast Asia and gaining a good reputation in the mobile phone market in Southeast Asia. But vivo is relatively stable. Instead of developing overseas markets, vivo is based on the domestic market and steadily launches mobile phones. It’s just that the latest vivo has not been launched with 5g, but a brand-new vivo 5g flagship has been exposed. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance design, vivo 5g flagship adopts a top-level AMOLED full video screen with under screen lens. The size is 6.5 inches, supports 144hz refresh rate, and the screen resolution reaches 4K level. In addition, in the core hardware part, vivo 5g flagship will be equipped with snapdragon 865plus processor, which can improve CPU performance by 15%, reduce power consumption by 20%, and be able to bear more onerous mobile phone tasks. < p > < p > in the cooling part, the vivo 5g flagship has more changes. The vivo 5g flagship adopts a 4D constant cooling cooling cooling system, which has the same cooling efficiency as many 5g game phones, and the cooling rate is very fast. As for the camera that consumers are more concerned about, vivo5g flagship carries 85 million pixel main camera + 85 million pixel super wide angle + 20 million pixel long focus + 8 million pixel macro range rear four camera. The long focus supports 100 times digital zoom this time. The battery life of the mobile phone is also excellent. Vivo did not disclose the specific battery capacity, but only announced the support of 120W cable fast charging. < p > < p > vivo has always been a surprise to consumers. As long as vivo releases new machines, vivo’s popularity will increase. After the parameters of vivo 5g flagship are exposed, many netizens have changed their views on vivo. The lower point is also worthy of praise. The vivo 5g flagship uses a 144hz screen, far higher than the current 90hz and 120Hz screens. The screen fluency is much higher. As a well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturer, vivo 5g flagship designed this time is really excellent. Although the price has not been announced, it is said that the launch time is in early November in the second half of the year. What do you think? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia