Vivo and first carry out in-depth cooperation to explore the secret behind mobile phone shooting

We know that many professional equipment, such as cameras, monitors, and so on, are often needed in the film shooting process. In particular, the price of a professional equipment on the market may be as high as tens of thousands. In other words, although many people have the dream of film shooting, they will still be repulsed by the price of these entry-level equipment. So, are there any models that can meet the needs of photography and shooting, but at a moderate price? If we put this problem in the past, it may not have been, but now vivo has solved it for everyone.

in the first half of this year, vivo launched the X50 series of mobile phones, which has made great progress in shooting. For example, the first vivo X50 Pro equipped with micro PTZ has brought more stable and clear night shooting performance. In addition, the vivo X50 PRO + is equipped with four cameras at the back. The super sensitive main camera is 50 million pixels. It uses Samsung gn1 sensor and has a 1 / 1.3 inch bottom. It can also output excellent samples in the same dark light shooting environment.

because of these advantages of the vivo X50 series, in this year’s vivo and first youth film exhibition, the famous director Yang Qing chose vivo X50 PRO + to shoot a 5-minute ultra short film. Although the whole short film time is not long, but each scene is very meaningful, completely highlights the inner thoughts and thoughts of the characters.

like at the beginning of the short film, when the hostess and her father finish the phone, she enters a restaurant and chooses the corner near the window to start thinking about life. From the shooting scene, we chose a rainy night, the light is obviously dark, but under the camera of vivo X50 PRO +, not only the intermittent rain outside the window is clearly recorded, but also through the glass window, the figure’s movements are fully presented.

especially the scene of father walking on the street with luggage in the short film is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, because it depicts the helpless but tough psychology of father. Generally speaking, such a shooting performance can only be achieved by using a professional camera. However, due to the addition of Samsung gn1 sensor to the main camera of vivo X50 PRO +, with the support of 1 / 1.3 inch super large and low, even in the dark light environment, every detail in the picture can be accurately restored.

of course, some other shooting functions of vivo X50 PRO + are also used in this super short movie, such as movie lens moving, human eye focusing and super anti shake. It is in the support of these functions that the film shooting is completed perfectly.

generally speaking, it is a great challenge to use vivo X50 PRO + to film this time. Especially in such a night scene, due to the large number of mixed light sources, once the processing is not good, it is easy to over expose or darken the picture. However, from the video shared by vivo official micro blog, whether it is the skin color of the characters or the environment light, vivo X50 PRO + has been accurately restored. So, if you want to create your own short film, you can try this mobile phone.

Author: zmhuaxia