Vivo iqoo 5 big change: when excellent game console meets top camera

To tell you the truth, when I took the machine out of the box, I didn’t respond for a while, because the appearance design of iqoo 5 was really not “iqoo”. Iqoo 5 is still using the slogan “monster inside” in the early publicity process, but the appearance design of iqoo 5 is not “monster”. < / P > < p > this is actually a good thing, because not everyone will particularly like the design of “sports car inspiration” and “speed light texture”. Even the color gradients, which were popular in the mobile phone industry in 2019, are now becoming less popular. People are beginning to prefer colors that look sharp and simple, which is also the new aesthetic in the second half of 2020. So now most manufacturers are returning to the more elegant solid color fuselage, even if the introduction of gradient color fuselage will reduce the color density at both ends of the gradient. < / P > < p > from the aggressive appearance of the early iqoo to iqoo 5, it is just like watching a young and vigorous young man wear decent clothes and integrate into society as he grows older. Maybe it’s a pity for some players to watch iqoo fade away and become mature in appearance design, but this change not only makes iqoo 5 look more classy, but also makes iqoo 5’s product image accepted by more people. Although iqoo may not or will not perform so quickly in the future, we can at least see from the transformation of iqoo 5 that vivo will push this sub brand to more people. < / P > < p > as one of the first 5g mobile phones in 2020, the price and product strength of iqoo 3 were still OK when it was just released. However, compared with the upgrading efforts of its competitors, the update range of iqoo 3 is really limited compared with the previous generation. The absence of high refresh rate screens has even become the death of iqoo 3. Fortunately, the game only supports a refresh rate of 60 frames at most. Otherwise, it may not even have the confidence to say that it is a “special mobile phone for KPL competition”. What about iqoo 5? Not only can we not make the same mistakes, but we should redouble our efforts to remedy them. Iqoo 5 believes that a 120Hz Samsung AMOLED display screen is the ultimate solution to all saliva problems, compared with the 90hz screen. What’s more, the iqoo 5 120Hz Samsung AMOLED display is still a pure flat surface, and it’s very suitable to play games with 240Hz touch sampling rate. However, the iqoo 5 screen is not perfect. The opening of the camera on this 120Hz screen is not close enough, so there is a lot of space wasted on the left side of iqoo 5 notice column. Fortunately, there will not be any game UI in this area, so it will not affect the control of the game. It is just a little unsightly in daily use. < / P > < p > in addition to the improvement of screen specifications, iqoo 5 is also in line with the trend, with a pair of stereo speakers, and the hi fi chip in the body is not absent. However, iqoo 5 eventually joined the army of removing the 3.5mm earphone hole, so the hi fi chip in the iqoo 5 fuselage has become a power consumption thing – because most users prefer to choose TWS headphones that are more convenient to use, while users who pursue sound quality will pay a little extra money to buy a type-C earphone to drive their high-end headphones. Another “subtraction” on iqoo 5 that may not be cared about by so many people, but in my opinion, is the side touch button that once existed on iqoo flagship models. In theory, < / P > < p > is good for game control, especially shooting games. But Master Sun, a senior shooting game player in zaeke, has told me more than once that he doesn’t like to use capacitive buttons, because the trigger of capacitive buttons needs to lift up and knock the fingers, instead of sticking them all the time like mechanical buttons. < / P > < p > but anyway, subtraction is still subtraction. On previous iqoo flagship phones, side capacitive game buttons were officially promoted as an important feature. It’s true that not everyone uses the side game buttons so frequently, but for those who are used to using them, the “game flavor” of iqoo 5 is obviously less obvious than that of iqoo flagship. < / P > < p > that’s right, iqoo 5 is particularly special for cameras this time – I use three “special” because this time iqoo 5 camera is really powerful. Although it has only three rear cameras, none of the three cameras is a “make-up”. Its ultra wide angle camera supports macro function, while the “portrait camera” is a 50 mm long focus, which can participate in the simulation of light variation in normal shooting mode in a better light environment. < / P > < p > that’s it? No, the main camera of iqoo 5 actually uses the best CMOS camera sensor of vivo, that is, Samsung isocell gn1, which is the same as vivo X50 PRO + “photography flagship”. With the excellent performance sensor and vivo’s excellent camera color adjustment, the direct color impression of vivo X50 PRO + is our best in 2020 so far. Of course, there is still a little difference between iqoo 5 and vivo X50 PRO + – iqoo 5 does not support optical anti shake, and there is no independent laser focusing aid and color temperature sensor. However, this is also normal. Iqoo 5, as a “bucket” model focusing on cost performance, does not need to stack materials like X50 PRO +. < / P > < p > this is about the first time iqoo family models have used the top-notch camera sensors. On the more advanced iqoo 5 pro, the gn1 sensor even has the optical anti shake mirror group. The iqoo 5 equivalent 50 mm portrait camera is replaced by a periscopic long focus supporting optical anti shake on the iqoo 5 pro. However, due to the limited time, we are unable to make a detailed evaluation of iqoo 5 and iqoo 5 Pro cameras. This part will be reserved for our detailed evaluation later. However, at the current iqoo 5 level, its photo quality and appearance are obviously better than its competitors. < / P > < p > so it can be seen that the iqoo 5 mobile phone actually has a “popular” feeling. Whether it is appearance design or function setting, vivo makes a wave of trade-offs in limited space. Iqoo started as a “non game phone” that attached great importance to performance and cost performance, focusing on game experience. However, today’s iqoo 5 has begun to face-to-face collision with other domestic cost-effective flagship mobile phones. What about product strength and cost performance? To be honest, we think iqoo 5 is not bad, because among the 5g mobile phones with a ticket of ¥ 3999, iqoo 5 is the most balanced product in terms of configuration and cost performance. High quality 120Hz Samsung OLED screen, excellent performance of the big bottom camera, 55W fast charging and large battery are the price leading specifications, or at least among the top specifications. This specification of 5g mobile phones sold at this price is not only no problem, but also very cost-effective. On the one hand, iqoo 5 can enter the offline market with its excellent photo quality and smart and handsome appearance, so that it does not appear to be in violation of vivo X50 series, the main offline model. On the other hand, iqoo 5 is also a high-performance, high refresh rate experience loved by wired users. This makes the iqoo 5 so versatile that it can be recommended to almost any user. Iqoo 5 is now like a monster with claws and fangs. Only when you open the game and prepare for full fire, the wings of the monster will open. < / P > < p > think iqoo 5 is not good enough? It doesn’t matter, because for the new generation of iqoo 5 series models, iqoo 5 is only the “advance force”, and the real focus is iqoo 5 pro. Iqoo 5 Pro has vivo’s top-level rear camera main camera, and it is also the first mobile phone in iqoo family to support periscope optical telephoto. It is also one of the first batch of products using 120W fast charging technology in the whole smartphone industry. < / P > < p > in a word, this way of enriching the product line and making the product “all-round” and appropriately entering the offline market is the development direction of almost every brand starting with cost performance. At the beginning, Xiaomi was like this, and then Yijia was like this. Now iqoo has also taken this step. However, compared with some other mobile phone brands with cost performance background, iqoo’s steps are very cautious. Privacy Policy