Vivo mobile phone patent exposure: equipped with physical zoom button

On September 2, foreign media letsgo digital reported that vivo applied for a new patent for a smart phone on April 24 this year. The device is equipped with a hybrid zoom lens and a physical zoom adjustment button on the side of the body. The patent was published on August 28, and we learned more about the device from the patent. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the patent drawings, vivo’s smartphone is equipped with a full screen with holes in the upper left corner on the front, which adopts a straight screen design, and the borders on both sides are very narrow. On the back of the fuselage is the rear four camera module designed by the circular Oreo. There is a slightly larger main lens on the top, a square telephoto lens at the bottom, and two additional auxiliary lenses on both sides. < / P > < p > at the same time, in the patent drawing, in addition to the conventional power button and volume button on the right side of the device, there is also a slider button at the lower position. It is said that the function of the slider is to adjust the zoom of the camera. Users can quickly adjust the zoom and enlarge the object by sliding the slider with the index finger when shooting the horizontal screen. < / P > < p > the x30 pro and X50 Pro launched by vivo this year are equipped with hybrid zoom system, which have excellent zoom shooting ability. If an adjustable zoom slider is equipped on the fuselage, the user’s shooting experience will be improved. However, this is only a patent at present, and it is not sure whether it will really be launched. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine