Vivo released “vivo image +” plan and reached strategic cooperation with National Geographic

On September 7, vivo officially released the global image IP “vivo image +”. “Vivo image +” is the global image IP of vivo layout, and it is an important link for brand to establish its own unique humanistic image cognition. Around the strategic planning of “vivo image +”, vivo and its official partners jointly launched the 2020 “vivo image + mobile phone photography competition”, and will officially open the registration channel on the official websites of both sides on September 15. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that Li Zhuo, director of vivo imaging products, described in detail vivo’s long-term image planning at the press conference. He said that starting from consumer orientation, vivo’s image concept pursues from restoring what the eye sees to surpassing what the eye sees. Vivo has set up seven major image R & D centers in the world, and the team size of vivo image R & D center has exceeded 700 people. According to vivo, these professional photography cognition and R & D teams are committed to transforming the methodology in the field of professional cameras into cognition, so that users can shoot more than expected photos in terms of function, scene and time, and get a pleasant product experience. At the meeting, Li Zhuo introduced a new type of photoreceptor with RGBW arrangement, which has been developed by vivo secretly for one year. In theory, it will increase the photosensitive efficiency of traditional rggb array to 160%, which is expected to push the sensitivity of smart phones to a new level, and provide more pure and clear imaging effect under various adverse light conditions. Li Zhuo revealed that the mobile phone with RGBW sensor is under development and is expected to meet consumers within next year. < p > < p > in recent years, vivo’s pioneering exploration in the field of mobile phone imaging is quite eye-catching. For example, vivo nex pioneered the front lift camera, the vivo X50 series launched the micro pan tilt technology and the 50 million pixel gn1 sensor. In the future, vivo will focus on the layout of night scene, portrait, color, light metering, sports, HDR and other directions, continuously innovate based on user level insight, enrich the technical dimension of mobile phone industry image, and promote higher standards of mobile phone image. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo