Vivo S7 is not only a self portrait power school, but also a high appearance

With the improvement of 5g mobile phone functions, they are subdivided because of their different performance emphasis. At present, there are game phones, video flagship phones, high-value mobile phones and so on, which allows users to choose a suitable mobile phone according to their different needs. However, if we want to say that we have excellent performance in taking photos and also take into account high appearance, we have to mention a mobile phone, which is the new generation of 5g lightweight self portrait flagship – “vivo S7”. < / P > < p > in this era of “beauty is justice”, the brand-new vivo S7 has won the love of a large number of fans with its excellent appearance design. This time, vivo S7 brought us three kinds of texture color matching, which are “Monet diffuse color”, “Jazz black” and “Moonlight white”. Each color matching has its own unique style, and what I got is the new “Monet color”. “Monet diffuse color” of vivo S7 selects the main color of cool blue and purple and warm color of orange. These two strong colors have a strong collision on the back of vivo S7, forming a sharp visual contrast. Can’t help but let us associate with master Monet’s oil paintings, give people a kind of extraordinary enjoyment. < / P > < p > the camera module on the back of vivo S7 is also very noticeable. It breaks the inherent rectangular design of traditional camera module and adopts a unique “two-color cloud scale” design scheme, which is very clever. The first stage of the “two-color cloud scale” carries the main camera, wide-angle and hierarchical black-and-white lens, and adopts a calm and deep black. The second step, which carries the flash and screen printing, selects the same color as the back of the fuselage, making the whole camera module flat and stretched like a cloud, presenting us a light and clean visual experience. < / P > < p > when I hold vivo S7 in my hand, my first feeling is frivolity. With only 170g of body weight, vivo S7 gets rid of the heavy feeling of most 5g mobile phones. Even if I hold it in my hand for a long time, my wrist will not feel any pain. At the same time, the back of vivo S7 also adopts a unique Ag sanding process, which not only gives the vivo S7 a hazy beauty visually, but also makes me feel a more delicate touch experience. It is worthy of being a new generation of 5g lightweight self portrait flagship. < / P > < p > in addition to the exquisite appearance design, vivo S7 also inherits the excellent gene of vivo s series in self portrait. This time, vivo S7 has made a new upgrade in front camera configuration. It has two lenses, 44 megapixel Ultra HD PDAF auto focusing main camera and 105 ° ultra wide angle sub camera. These two lenses play different roles in different occasions. < / P > < p > we can see that in the front lens of vivo S7, the little sister not only has three-dimensional and full facial features, but also has a very clear and natural makeup feeling, without that kind of thick “mask feeling”. Vivo S7 even the eyelashes, eyebrows and other details are clearly recorded. The color reduction of the whole picture is very high, and the little sister looks radiant and lovely. < / P > < p > and the other 8 megapixel 105 super wide angle lens makes the front wide-angle lens have a wider range of view. After opening the super wide angle for self shooting, the little sister is in high spirits, soft and delicate, and easily takes the effect of small face without any distortion. This is because vivo S7 uses the technology of human scene separation, which can correct the distortion of the front wide-angle lens, intelligently correct the deformation of face and background in the image, so as to achieve a very natural shooting effect. < / P > < p > after learning about vivo S7’s outstanding appearance design and powerful self portrait performance, I have become a fan of this 5g lightweight self portrait flagship. It has to be said that each generation of vivo s series products has brought us new technology and new surprises. I believe that in the future, vivo will bring more sincere and excellent products to the majority of users. Let’s wait and see! Older posts →