Vivo S7? Outstanding selfie makes you the focus of your own, thin fuselage is hard to use

As a popular self portrait product popular among young people, vivo s series has attracted many young users with its outstanding appearance design and high-quality self portrait experience since it launched its first product. The newly released ා vivo S7 ා, is a new breakthrough in the field of self portrait. It not only further solves many pain points of young users in self portrait demand, but also enables users to show their skills in more complex photo taking environment and have a better self shooting experience. So, what are the highlights of vivo S7? < / P > < p > selfie can be said to be the best of vivo s series products, and vivo has been focusing on the optimization of self timer function and hardware upgrading of mobile phones. Vivo S7 adopts a front dual camera combination, in which the main camera is equipped with a self shooting lens with the highest pixel in the industry – 44 million pixel ultra high definition PDAF auto focusing main camera. Thanks to its powerful analytical power, vivo S7 can not only bring clearer imaging effect, but also achieve accurate focusing. No matter where you are in the picture, vivo S7 can keep you in focus at any time. In addition, vivo S7 also carries a 105 ° super wide angle auxiliary camera, which can allow more scenery to be contained in the picture during self shooting. < / P > < p > as shown in the figure below, thanks to the strong analytical power of the main camera, the imaging effect of the whole photo is excellent. Not only are the facial details depicted very clearly, but also the hair, clothes and other details are restored to be very real. However, before the front super wide angle mode is turned on, the finished photo is like a big head post, which makes the whole picture lack a trace of texture. After opening the front ultra wide angle mode, the screen contains more scenery, which not only has great visual impact, but also effectively improves the texture of the picture. In addition, thanks to auto focus and eye tracking technology, you can focus clearly any time you place the pose, avoiding the trouble of having to manually focus again. < / P > < p > in addition to its powerful self timer hardware, vivo S7 also brings us a surprise in terms of beauty algorithm. As we all know, although the performance of mobile phones in the current market is still good, but in the beauty algorithm is similar. As a result, the self portrait is just like that carved in a mold. However, vivo S7 has different ways of self-expression in terms of self portraits for users with different personalities. It not only brings five super texture beauty 3.0, but also brings portrait multi style 3.0. In this way, not only users can freely modify their self photos to show their personality, but also add more fun and entertainment to the user’s self portrait experience. < p > < p > from the sample below, it is not difficult to see that although the young lady looks very temperament, her skin is a little dim, and even dark circles appear, which greatly reduces the overall beauty. After the beauty effect is turned on, not only the facial features become very three-dimensional delicate, but also the facial skin is more white and tender, which can be broken by blowing bullets. In addition, with the embellishment of make-up, the temperament of the little sister is further improved. It is worth mentioning that, unlike other beauty software on the market, vivo S7 has a very natural beauty effect without excessive skin abrasion and distortion. < / P > < p > of course, vivo S7 is not only good at taking pictures of itself, but also has its own characteristics in terms of appearance design. For example, in terms of body design, it has the lightness that other 5g mobile phones can’t match. It is understood that the vivo S7 is only 7.39mm thin and its body weight is controlled at 170g, which can be said to be the thinnest 5g mobile phone on the market. In addition, the design of the lens module of vivo S7 is also highly recognizable. It adopts the two-color cloud scale design, which is the exclusive initiative of vivo. It not only makes a new breakthrough in the artistic beauty of the whole machine, but also brings a simple, exquisite and orderly comfortable experience visually. < / P > < p > in terms of color matching, vivo S7 has three colors: Monet diffuse, jazz black and moonlight white. Among them, my favorite color is moonlight white, which perfectly interprets “no design is the best design”. Through the natural and minimalist design techniques, gentle and elegant are presented on the back cover of the mobile phone. In addition, the Ag grinding process design not only makes the whole machine extremely high-grade texture, but also makes the touch more delicate. < / P > < p > in addition to the above, vivo S7 also has the functions of front 4K video recording, front dual view shooting 2.0 and front super slow motion. Moreover, all of its self shooting algorithm and beauty algorithm can also be used in video shooting. This, for users who like video creation, is undoubtedly a very big welfare. If you want to have a mobile phone with both appearance and strength, vivo S7 is definitely your best choice. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia