Vivo S7 won the first sale of three platforms double crown, together with CAI Xukun meimeimeida selfie!

Vivo S7, a new generation of frivolous selfie flagship of vivo s series, was officially put on sale on Saturday. According to the statistics of major e-commerce platforms, as of 20:00 of the same day, vivo S7 has won the double champion of sales and sales of 5g mobile phones in the 2500-3500 price range of Suning e-buy, Jingdong and tmall.

in order to let more netizens understand the advantages of vivo S7, vivo has also made a series of big moves. Liu Haoran and Lisa two spokesmen have uploaded self shot videos and self photos on microblogs to demonstrate the self shooting effect of the new machine to netizens. Moreover, the third spokesperson of vivo S7 has been launched recently. It is Cai Xukun who spoke for vivo S5. This time, Cai Xukun’s return has brought vitality to vivo S7.

in addition, in order to help netizens better unlock super-s self photos, tutor Cai Xukun shared two waves of his own self portraits in succession, which attracted unanimous praise from fans and netizens. Cai Xukun’s self photo shows the long-range self portrait, close-up close-up and a variety of self shooting postures, which fully demonstrates the excellent self shooting ability of vivo S7 with 44 million pixels AF dual camera. In addition, vivo officials have shared “a trick to make you fall in love with Ta” for three consecutive days to demonstrate the many self portrait functions of vivo S7.

so, after showing the self portrait effect of vivo S7 for several days, do you have a deeper understanding of the advantages of this mobile phone in self portrait? Now, let’s summarize it again.

every generation of S series is constantly breaking through the new boundary of selfie technology, the brand-new vivo For example, the S7 is the first mobile phone equipped with 44 million pixel front lens module in the industry. The high pixel main lens has ultra-high resolution, which can provide clearer basic image quality for self shooting. With F / 2.0 super large aperture and EIS anti shake, it provides strong hardware support for stable and clear imaging. The front selfie of vivo S7 adopts the phase detection auto focusing technology PDAF used by SLR, which can realize the pre focusing with high speed. In addition, vivo S7 also has a super wide angle auxiliary camera, which can let the self portrait picture contain more content, and the effect of self portrait background virtualization is more prominent.

vivo S7 also uses PDAF phase detection autofocus technology. PDAF’s auto focusing focuses at a minimum distance of 15cm, and realizes ultra close self timer. Even eyelashes and eye liner fine makeup can be clearly rendered.

the vivo s series of new products will be upgraded in the self portrait beauty algorithm, so will the vivo S7. The newly upgraded quintuple super texture beauty 3.0 improves skin texture, skin color, beauty type and make-up at the same time. It also has a new small head function, which brings users a better self portrait experience.

vivo S7’s night scene self shooting effect is also excellent. In the night scene environment, the super night scene self shooting 2.0 function of vivo S7 can automatically enter the extreme night mode in a dark environment. Through intelligent lighting and noise reduction, it can intelligently repair the original unclear figure and facial features in dark environment, so that you can also take three-dimensional, clear and beautiful pictures of five senses in night scene mode.

besides, some time ago, vivo officials also tested the dark light self shooting function of vivo S7 in extreme environment. The results show that vivo S7 can easily output high-quality night scene self photography, whether it is indoor with dim light and complex light, or in the extreme dark light environment in the car at night, so as to ensure that users can enjoy self shooting freely without being limited by time and place.

so, vivo S7 can fully meet all your imagination about self portrait. If you have high requirements for self portrait, you may as well try it yourself, and I believe it will surprise you.

at present, vivo S7 is in the hot sales of major e-commerce platforms and offline experience stores, and the super s self portrait summer camp of Mr. Cai Xukun has officially opened. If you like self portrait, please buy vivo S7 to join the class! Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list