Vivo X50 PRO + won the first good result of mobile phone photo taking and outstanding image strength

Named “5g professional image flagship”, vivo X50 PRO + has won wide praise from users and major media due to its excellent image performance. It is also called the professional image flagship of the first echelon at present. Nowadays, vivo X50 PRO + has been on sale for some time, but its praise is still endless. In the smart phone real shot evaluation scheme released by soomal recently, vivo X50 PRO + is even more ahead of many flagship models, ranking first in the list, which is enough to prove its strong strength in imaging. < / P > < p > the outstanding image performance of vivo X50 PRO + is naturally inseparable from the support of strong image configuration. It carries a 50 million pixel main camera, combined with the industry-leading 1 / 1.3 background, whether taking photos in dark or complex scenes, it can bring better exposure and detail restoration, making the film effect more outstanding. Moreover, it can use 100 million pixel photography mode with a resolution of 11536 * 8690. The image is not easy to be distorted whether it is displayed or printed, which also provides more sufficient space for us to cut or re create photos. < / P > < p > at the same time, the vivo X50 PRO + is also equipped with 32 million pixel professional portrait lens, 13 million pixel ultra wide angle macro lens and 13 million pixel periscope long focus lens, which can meet your needs for full scene photography. < / P > < p > in the actual shooting process, the performance of vivo X50 PRO + is also amazing. The extremely complex light environment in the night environment is a great test for the image performance of mobile phones. However, the night scene photos taken with vivo X50 PRO + obviously do not have the problems of overexposure or blur that we would encounter in the process of taking pictures at night. The whole picture is bright and clear, and the visual impression is excellent. And the light is not exposed, the dark is not blurred, and the details of the floor are also excellent. < / P > < p > the 13 megapixel ultra wide angle and ultra macro lens in vivo X50 PRO + can easily cope with a variety of large scenes and small scenes. It can be clearly shot in a range of up to 2.5cm. The following picture is taken at a macro distance. When the lens is kept close, there is no virtual focus. Instead, it is presented to us in a more clear state. The delicate texture of petals and the details of stamens are very good, and the color resolution ability is also very strong. < / P > < p > in general, the image strength of vivo X50 PRO + is indeed strong, and it is worthy of its reputation to be the first place in the evaluation scheme for real photos of smart phones released by soomal. Whether for photography enthusiasts or ordinary users, this professional image flagship will be a very good choice. What do you think of this vivo X50 PRO +? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area for discussion. New product launch