VMware installs Android x86 virtual machine to run Android system on PC

In daily use, sometimes you need to simulate the installation and running of Android system on PC, if you have VMware or VirtualBox virtual machine installed in your computer. Installing Android x86 virtual machine is a good choice. You can simulate an Android system in a PC. Take VMware virtual as an example to install Android x86 virtual machine. < / P > < p > go to the relevant website to download the relevant virtual machine files. There are two formats of virtual machine files in VMware and VirtualBox. You can select the corresponding virtual machine format file to download according to relevant needs, and you can choose 32bit or 64bit file. < / P > < p > the downloaded file is a 7z compressed package file, which can be extracted to the required folder. Here the use of VMware virtual machine format file. < / P > < p > after the above download and decompression operation is completed, the virtual machine system is created. Select the custom creation mode in the create virtual machine system wizard. According to the operation of the wizard, click “next” to complete the creation of Android x86 virtual machine step by step. < / P > < p > when selecting the operating system of the client, click “other” to select the system of “FreeBSD” in the version. In the selection of hard disk type, IDE is recommended. Instead of using the default SCSI, avoid running Android x86 virtual machine may report errors. < / P > < p > next, select the virtual machine hard disk. Here, we download the virtual machine format hard disk in VMware format. The new virtual machine hard disk is used, but the existing disk is selected. Select the previously downloaded hard disk file in VMware virtual machine format on the selected disk. After completing the above operation, you can start to use Android system. Click to open Android virtual machine to enter the familiar Android interface. An Android Tablet like interface is presented in the virtual machine. < / P > < p > the original Google store play store cannot connect to the Internet due to limitations. You can use Google browser to download the third-party software management app. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia