Vrpinea enters the University of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool

On August 25, vrpinea was invited into the University of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool. Miao Jian, editor in chief of vrpinea, held a VR themed Popular Science Lecture for the sophomores majoring in art and technology, and held in-depth discussions with teachers and students of Xipu on VR / AR related issues. < p > < p > this activity is divided into two parts in the morning and the afternoon. In addition to the popular science lectures, vrpinea also brings students different forms of VR experience, such as PC VR, VR all-in-one machine and split VR glasses. The students responded warmly and were very interested in VR. At the beginning of the lecture, Miao Jian asked the students a question: “what is XR?” The answers of the students are various, such as “” and “” and “Google card board”. However, the real concept of “XR” and the specific differences between VR / Ar / MR are not well understood. In this regard, Miao Jian introduced the basic concept of XR to the students through the detailed structure of VR / AR hardware and the equipment positioning scheme adopted by different manufacturers, and gave the definition of VR / Ar / MR by vrpinea. < p > < p > from the concept of VR from Stanley g. Weinbaum’s science fiction; to the VR research institute VPL Research founded by Jay Lanier; and virtual boy launched by Nintendo, a Japanese game manufacturer; to the tripartite confrontation of HTC, oculus and Sony in the VR field, Miao Jian patiently described the development process of VR for students. At the same time, Miao Jian gave a brief introduction to the key leading manufacturers in VR industry. Miao Jian thinks: “the benign competition among giants can promote the faster development of VR field. However, the domestic VR market is still in the severe winter period. The emergence of new VR concepts will lead to the situation of capital seedling, which indirectly leads to the promotion of many serious product companies before the technology reaches the expected level.” Miao Jian hopes that the industry and the public can give domestic high-quality manufacturers more time to polish their technology and improve their products. He also hopes that China can make some good hardware and game applications. After a short break, the lecture will continue in the afternoon. After briefly introducing and popularizing the basic concepts of XR, the afternoon lectures began to develop in the direction of professional and technical flow. Miao Jian took the students to quickly understand the core hardware products in the VR market from the professional perspectives of refresh rate, field of view and delay standard, and had an interactive discussion with the students on their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the popular science lectures, vrpinea also provides students with on-the-spot experience of VR related equipment and supporting contents. After all, theory should be combined with practice to have a personal experience. In this activity, vrpinea brought three VR devices, namely, VR game experience of PC VR HTC vive pro, VR all-in-one machine oculus quset, and split VR glasses of Huawei VR glass. < p > < p > in this activity, vrpinea brought VR science popularization into the campus, and the students showed strong interest and curiosity about VR, which made vrpinea feel the charm of VR again. Let students know the concept of VR, understand the VR industry, and use VR equipment to plant a seed in the hearts of these fresh blood. Maybe some students can take root in the field of VR in the future. < p > < p > limited by the current hardware level and price, the threshold of VR experience is not low, and excellent VR game applications are not as mature as mobile games, host games and end games. However, the unique immersion and presence of VR is irreplaceable by the existing entertainment methods. We hope that the industry can develop healthily and orderly. We hope that there will be more opportunities to bring VR to more audiences and let more people accept and love VR. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list