Vs. GPS in USA! Beidou core components are 100% localized, and iPhone still does not support it

At present, China’s Beidou navigation system has been successfully networking. With the completion of the 55th satellite of Beidou navigation satellite system in orbit testing, network access assessment and other work, this also means that the last networking satellite of beidou-3 system has been connected to the network.

the domestic Beidou navigation system has been ranked among the top navigation clubs in the world, and is listed as the four major global satellite navigation systems together with GPS of the United States, GLONASS of Russia and Galileo of the European Union. Since the start of construction in 1994, China has sent 55 beidou-2 and beidou-3 networking satellites into the scheduled orbit, with a success rate of 100%.

more than that, the core components of Beidou are 100% localized. Moreover, the cooperation contract is extremely high. At present, 137 countries around the world have signed cooperation agreements with Beidou satellite navigation system. Beidou navigation system has the ability to expand its service scope to the whole world, and can provide positioning service with accuracy better than 5 meters for global users.

China’s autonomous satellite navigation system has changed from “None” to “have”, and the US monopoly has been broken. The successful completion of the Beidou global network and the completion of the world-class satellite navigation system will provide continuous, stable and reliable services for global users, meet the social and economic development needs of the whole country and even the world, and improve the comprehensive application efficiency of the global satellite navigation system.

more than 70% of China’s smart phones have provided Beidou service. According to Yang Changfeng, chief designer of Beidou satellite navigation system project, more than 70% of China’s smart phones have provided Beidou services In fact, at present, mainstream mobile phone SOC, including Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, Huawei, which we are familiar with, generally integrate chips supporting Beidou navigation system and GPS of the United States, and many also support Galileo in Europe and GLONASS in Russia.

when can Apple users use Beidou navigation, which has been supported by Android phones for a long time? At present, the total number of terminal products using Beidou compatible chips, including smart phones, has exceeded 700 million units / set. As the mainstream mobile phone chips of Android camp have already fully supported Beidou navigation, most domestic models have already supported Beidou navigation. In the remaining 30% of the mobile phones that have not yet supported Beidou navigation, it is widely speculated that Apple models are the majority.

China has already become one of the most important consumer markets for iPhones in the world. It is uncertain whether Apple will support Beidou navigation on its new models as soon as possible. Until now, there have been few rumors that the iPhone 12 series supports Beidou navigation. What do you think?

Author: zmhuaxia