Wall Street Journal bullshit again

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article that first ridiculed Intel, which still uses 10 / 14nm technology, with Apple’s M1 chip adopting TSMC 5nm technology. Then, it made a mockery of China’s development strategy of self-reliance in science and technology, and claimed that Russia, France, Italy and other countries had failed in chip production, thus implying that China’s technological self-reliance would also fail. At the end of the paper, he said that the chip ban would trigger geopolitical intervention variables, claiming that if China’s self-reliance plan failed and Biden’s government continued to prohibit the sale of advanced chips to the mainland, the mainland would be in trouble. Just as the US oil embargo against Japan forced Japan to hand it out in 1941, the mainland military would feel anxious about not being able to obtain chips of less than 10 nanometers While considering whether to send troops to control Taiwan’s chip production capacity, the United States is also considering whether to “defend” Taiwan. The author believes that this argument of the Wall Street Journal is not objective. It is using the chip as an excuse to hype the topic of the mainland’s military recovery of Taiwan, and advocates the US military intervention in Taiwan, which can be regarded as a typical example of fear that the world will not be in chaos. < / P > < p > although chips have generally entered the 5nm and 7Nm era during the period of smart phones, in fact, most scenes can not use these cutting-edge technologies, because the demands of military and civilian are different. < / P > < p > in terms of smart phones, in fact, 28nm SOC can also meet the demand. Nowadays, a large number of mobile phones are still using 28NM SoC technology, and the sales volume is huge. The reason why the SOC of flagship mobile phones will generally adopt 5nm and 7Nm is mainly because smart phones have been highly homogenized. In order to create marketing gimmicks and selling points, we spare no effort to find new ways to attract consumers, and spare no effort to stack new technologies on flagship phones, so as to persuade consumers to pay for the high price of thousands and tens of thousands of yuan for flagship phones. < / P > < p > therefore, in the past few years, many manufacturers have installed various high-tech concepts on smart phones, such as artificial intelligence, graphene, 5g, and so on. Even if these concepts are well-known, they are hard to match. The number of CPU cores in the SOC of a mobile phone is more and more. No matter how much improvement the actual user experience is, even if “one core is difficult, and nine cores are around”, it is good to have more CPU cores. Similarly, the number of cameras is also increasing, and the manufacturing process of SOC is becoming more and more sophisticated. Many hardware parameters have fallen into the situation of “seeking the most expensive and most gimmick, regardless of cost and actual demand”. In fact, this phenomenon is only found in the field of consumer electronics, which is completely caused by capital and media using information asymmetry between consumers and businesses. The same commercial automotive electronics and various industrial chips are still using mature technology, because in these fields, buyers are also knowledgeable, have the ability to identify, and will fully weigh the cost and demand. < / P > < p > for military chips, the most important thing is not performance, but security and stability. Security means that the chip can’t have a back door, and our military system won’t be paralyzed by hostile forces knocking on the keyboard. Stability means that the chip should be able to adapt to a variety of harsh environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, high radiation, etc., and can always be stable under battlefield conditions. It can be said that the performance requirements of military chips are secondary, belonging to enough. What’s more, over sophisticated technology is prone to electronic tunneling effect, which brings various problems. Mature technology has inherent advantages in this respect. Therefore, considering the stability, the military chip will not use 5nm / 7Nm process, but will adopt mature technology. < / P > < p > for example, the GPU of jingjiawei has been thrown out of N streets by NVIDIA in terms of performance, but it is fully enough for military use. Jingjiawei’s jm5400 adopts 65nm technology, which fully meets the function and performance requirements of graphic system in airborne, shipboard and vehicle environments, and has been installed on fighter planes. The latest jm7200 for PC uses only 28nm technology. < p > < p > Huarui No.1 has been successfully applied to more than ten types of radar products with 65nm technology, creating the “three most” Application of domestic multi-core DSP chip products: the largest number of radar equipment application models, the largest number of single set applications and the largest total number of applications. < / P > < p > a certain CPU of Shenwei is applied to a new fighter. Although the high-end of the fighter is high-grade, the technology of Shenwei’s CPU seems to be old-fashioned among enthusiasts. The CPU of Godson used in Beidou satellite is 130nm process. < / P > < p > it can be said that the manufacturing process of military chips is not high. The Wall Street Journal’s claim that “the Chinese military will be worried about not being able to obtain chips below 10 nm, and China is likely to weigh the pros and cons and consider whether to control Taiwan’s chip production capacity” is totally nonsense. It is the wishful thinking of the Wall Street Journal that “the loss of technology below 10nm will make the Chinese military like Japan was forced to do by the US oil embargo against Japan in 1941”. < / P > < p > for a long time, some people in the industrial and academic circles have pursued the idea of “making is better than buying”. Some experts even said at important meetings that foreigners would not refuse to sell our chips. Some companies develop so-called “independent chips” through joint venture or purchase of foreign authorization, which makes the teams of domestic independent chip research and development basically under the attack of foreign oligarchs and domestic compradors. In recent years, trump has repeatedly made frictions, especially taking advantage of the advantages of the United States in the field of high technology to crack down on Chinese enterprises. On the one hand, it makes life more difficult for domestic enterprises that rely on importing chips from the United States or purchasing technology licenses. There are even cases of “closing down”, “out of print” and “shock”. On the other hand, it has created a period of development opportunities for domestic IT companies which have persisted in independent research and development for decades. In my opinion, on the one hand, trump beat the “puppet army” to half death, on the other hand, he created space for the growth of the “Eighth Route Army” and the “New Fourth Army”. He can be called a great master of China’s chip self-control, worthy of the name of “Sichuan Jianguo”. < / P > < p > at present, the policy guidance is very clear, and the demand for independent technology by government agencies and state-owned enterprises is very strong. The market scale of Netcom market alone is expected to reach hundreds of billion yuan, which is an excellent opportunity for the growth of independent chips and basic software. < p > < p > in terms of building the red industrial chain and realizing internal circulation, although the road will be tortuous, the future is bright. This is because of China. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia has been in continuous blood loss in all aspects, and has been overtaken by China in semiconductor. However, in the Soviet era, its electronic technology is still very good. The weakness of Russian electronic industry is rooted in the disintegration of the Soviet Union. If the United States disintegrates, the powerful semiconductor industry in the United States will also disintegrate and disappear. < / P > < p > as far as France and Italy are concerned, they are also interested in chip companies such as France semiconductor. It can’t be said that France and Italy have failed because of their limited size. They can’t support the whole semiconducting whole industry chain with their own strength and allies like the United States, so they can only gain a place locally. < / P > < p > for China, the size of the country is here, there are also technical talents, and the country is not short of money. The market is huge, especially the market affected by the government. Only the market of government departments and state-owned enterprises can match the total market volume of some European countries. The market of this scale is enough to support a set of independent technology system. < p > < p > in view of the fact that the hardware in many scenarios is already in the state of excess performance, domestic enterprises can completely achieve the goal of meeting the overall performance requirements by running in the software and hardware, which is actually the guiding ideology of Qian Xuesen when he engaged in missiles. The MiG-25 of the Soviet Union is also a product of similar guiding ideology. When taken apart, its parts are no more advanced than those in the west, but when put together, they become a stainless steel monster with three times the sound speed. < / P > < p > in addition, there is no process below 10nm, which does not mean that the chip performance cannot be improved. Loongson uses the same process and improves the CPU performance by 100% through optimization design. Other chip companies in China can learn from Loongson and improve chip performance by optimizing design rather than relying on process upgrading. In the future,

can fully rely on the market as a carrier, not to overly pursue the advanced nature of local technical indicators, so as to protect the level of autonomy. At the same time, the overall performance of the system meets user needs in the way of software and hardware running in. In this way, the red industry chain of 40 / 65 nm was built to meet the specific market demand, and then gradually extended to 28 nm and 14 nm, and the red industry chain was constructed with the mentality of sharpening a sword in 20 years. < / P > < p > in the military field, thanks to the Western restrictions on China’s military grade CPU, there are Chinese businessmen who are convicted of smuggling military grade CPU by the U.S. intelligence department from time to time in the media. This makes military chips not be poisoned by “make better buy”. < p > < p > due to the low performance requirements of the chip, the performance of the independent chip is fully adequate. The security of the independent chip is incomparable to that of the imported CPU. Moreover, foreign design companies can not provide “double return to zero” technical support for Chinese military enterprises, but domestic companies can provide this service. < / P > < p > it is under the background that sex can be used, more secure, better service, and the strict restrictions of western countries, China can realize the localization of military grade CPU. It is true that some chips still need to be imported to a certain extent, and components such as MEMS sensors and capacitors are imported on a large scale. However, thanks to the traction of various engineering projects, a considerable part of the products have been produced, and the import list has been shortened at a considerable speed every year. What’s more, China can actually manufacture capacitors and other devices, and even aerospace grade tantalum capacitors can also be produced domestically. However, it is cheaper to purchase mature products produced in large quantities by foreign enterprises. Moreover, such devices often have a large shipment volume. Foreign suppliers can not know where the resistor capacitors and other devices purchased by China will be used. Therefore, there is no information security in this procurement Total risk. Even if foreign businessmen cut off supply, they can be self-sufficient. It’s just that domestic products are more expensive. < / P > < p > therefore, it is of little significance for the military industry whether or not the console accumulates electricity. The Wall Street Journal is totally alarmist. As far as science and technology are independent and self-improvement and the construction of the red industrial chain, as long as the top-level design is perfect, and the mentality of grinding a sword for 20 years, and the way of surrounding the city by rural areas can gradually realize the localization substitution of raw materials, equipment, design, manufacturing, sealing and testing. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?