Wang ban, President of glory China, visited Suning e-buy and signed the 2020 strategic cooperation agreement

On August 7, Wang ban, President of glory China, visited Suning and met with Li Qi, President of Suning e-buy consumer electronics group. This honor visit coincides with Suning’s 818 promotion and is also an important node in Suning’s 30th anniversary celebration. Based on the online and offline cooperation, the two sides formally signed the Suning & Glory strategic agreement in 2020. As strategic partners, Suning e-buy and glory have a close relationship. Last year Suning glory jointly launched its own customized version of sugranin IP. At the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the outbreak of epidemic, the consumer market was once cold. However, the two sides made concerted efforts to make efforts online and offline. In recent years, the sales of glory mobile phones in Suning increased year by year and ranked among the top. < p > < p > in this high-level meeting between the two sides, Suning glory signed the 2020 strategic cooperation agreement, which will focus on the service, product, user experience and other aspects at the same time, focusing on the old for new, service experience and the creation of popular products. < / P > < p > glory mobile phone mainly focuses on young users, creates highly competitive products around “quality, innovation and service”, and becomes a popular brand in the mobile phone industry that is popular among young people in the global trend. Suning is committed to online and offline full scene experience, to build the industry’s leading user service system. Suning and glory have joined forces in this strategic cooperation, and high-quality products combined with full scene service experience are bound to achieve more significant results and bring more convenient and comfortable purchasing experience for users. < / P > < p > “focus on good service” is a new brand proposition of Suning e-buy, which coincides with the theme of “quality upgrading” of glory. Suning has always adhered to the mode of good service and good products in the cooperation between Suning and glory. In the future, Suning will continue to jointly expand online and offline service scenarios with glory, focus on retail cloud channels, create more quality service experience scenes in the sinking market, and bring more intimate services to consumers. < / P > < p > it is reported that during the 818 period, Suning glory jointly launched the glory brand day, invited “wucl super experience officer vava” to parachute in Suning glory official live broadcasting room, chatted with fans by using the designated machine glory X10, played games and sang rap. The number of live viewers exceeded 1 million, setting a record high in glory live broadcasting room, and won the top 1 in the commercial anchor list of live broadcast Ranking Competition on August 6. With the support of star live broadcast and multiple discounts, on August 6, glory mobile phone won many titles on Suning’s self-supporting online market and dominated the list. < / P > < p > during the 818 period, consumers can also enjoy premium benefits such as up to 2020 yuan of old for new subsidies, 24 installment interest free and 0 yuan trial. < / P > < p > the visit of the glory senior team to Suning means the beginning of more in-depth cooperation between Suning e-buy and glory. Next, in the 818 promotion, the two sides will jointly achieve more breakthrough results. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?