Wang Xing, CEO of meituan: the ideal has exploded Tesla. Tesla has only one advantage: stupid, quick and quick!

The ideal one not only excels Tesla as a co pilot, but also significantly improves the rear row experience. A good friend of mine was originally a loyal and proud model 3 owner of Tesla. He put down his prejudice and tried the ideal. After taking the initiative to admit that Tesla has only one advantage: stupid, quick and quick! Li Xiang said that although China had already defeated Tesla in three indicators, it was still crushed by no reason. Therefore, he said that he was unable to understand! < p > < p > Professor Zheng Qiang bought four Cherys, and one of them had a serious accident. Fortunately, Professor Zheng Qiang was lucky enough to be fine, but the car had been seriously damaged, and it took more than 23000 to repair it. It hit him as an Audi A6. < / P > < p > I also agree that when Nokia was in decline, it was either slow or cliff like. Before 2011, Nokia was still the first in the world and its market was still growing. < / P > < p > the traditional way is to do addition step by step, while the Internet is to stimulate and detonate in a short time, doing multiplication. Either there is no market reaction, or there is a big response. This is the rule of the Internet. For example, many Internet brands quickly gain super word-of-mouth, and viral diffusion is better than any advertisement. < p > < p > < p > however, Wang xingjui suddenly praised the ideal car’s complete explosion of Tesla, not only in terms of endurance, intelligence and cost performance, but also in the experience of CO driver! < / P > < p > the only explanation is that they worship foreign countries and flatter foreign countries. The moon of foreign products is round, and foreign products are several grades higher than domestic ones. Even if Tesla is regarded as a luxury car, is the interior so simple that it can’t be regarded as a luxury car? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing