Wang Xing talks about Li Nan’s Entrepreneurship: the enigmatic man invested a little money

Speaking of Li Nan, I believe many netizens will think of Li Nan, who was the CMO of Meizu technology and the senior vice president of the company. Li Nan was most praised for his marketing skills in the Meizu period, known as a cute fat man who “even breathes in marketing”. Since leaving Meizu last year, although there are many rumors about his whereabouts, they have not been confirmed by him in the end. < p > < p > later, Li Nan announced the establishment of angry Miao, claiming to be a good thing with a sense of future and responding to the trend of the times, and said that the company had obtained tens of millions of investment from meituan Longzhu capital. He announced that Nu mew technology will hold an online conference on August 26 at station B and Weibo, and the new brand will officially meet with you. This is the first time Li Nan has made public his whereabouts since leaving Meizu. In July last year, it was reported that Li Nan left Meizu to start a business. At that time, Li Nan responded on his microblog that he had no comment. As for Li Nan’s entrepreneurship, Wang Xing, CEO of, wrote in his personal interview: “Li Nan is a man who has always been a mystery to me. He is obviously a little older than me, but he always seems to be analyzing the most fashionable young people and can always make me dumbfounded. So, when he said he wanted to start a business, although I didn’t understand what he was going to do after listening to it several times, I still resolutely asked for participation and invested a little money. Whether he really understands or not depends on angry Miao. ” It can be seen from the text that Wang Xing himself is very appreciative of Li Nan. He even invested money without knowing what Li Nan wants to do. What he said may be tens of millions of investment of meituan Longzhu capital. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year