Wang Xing’s own bitter fruit? Off line Alipay, starved more than the US team, the top of the list.

Some time ago, ant group said it was going to be listed, but it was shocked by a group of gourd eaters. Because its market value may exceed 200 billion US dollars, dozens of billions will be produced. Peng Lei’s wealth may exceed 140 billion yuan and become the richest woman in Asia. Alipay

just make no mistake. Wang Xing soon came to the end of the matter, and then he paid a knife to make complaints about Alipay. He put the Alipay off the line and gave him a claim that Taobao did not pay WeChat’s payment.

of course, Wang Xing has many reasons to go offline. On the one hand, the US delegation is the Tencent faction. The Alipay is also justified. In addition, Wang Xing actually has his own payment dream and wants to push his own payment products, so the Alipay is also logical in line with the conclusion of the Alipay.

just didn’t expect that the situation has come to a great reversal after the referral of Alipay. The consumers voted with their feet. Anyway, they sent the hungry to the first place and surpassed the US group.

ranked in delicacy in the AppStore food list. Before the delicacy of Alipay, the US group has been the top of the AppStore food rankings. However, after the event was fermented, many people turned to support “hungry” or “hungry”. Even in one day, the number of downloads soared, surpassing meituan takeaway as the number one app on the list.

to this day, starving has also been ranked number one, and has been ahead of the US group, while the US group is ranked second. After the starved, the US group has to resume Alipay payment, but the ranking is still unchanged. What do you think of this incident? I feel that for users, payment is a very important part. It is not customary to pay with WeChat or Alipay, and the power of habit is very large.

and from the perspective of share, Alipay’s share is even higher. If you cancel a payment at will, it will really cause users’ disgust. After all, the US group is not the only one. It is also optional. In such a situation, we really need to weigh up and not to easily test the user’s tolerance, otherwise the injury may be itself. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”