Want to buy a cheap iqoo mobile phone, you can have a look at these, are very good!

As a rising star, the name of iqoo seems to be unknown to many people. Compared with the well-known brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei, iqoo has a much smaller reputation. However, the rising star does not mean that it is not worth buying. Iqoo has successfully occupied a place in the mobile phone field by virtue of its performance and price advantages. The performance of many models is even comparable to that of professional game phones. If you want to buy a cheaper iqoo mobile phone, you can have a look at these models, xiaom thinks they are all good! < p > < p > iqoo U1 is a 1000 yuan 4G mobile phone with high cost performance. The LCD screen is expected to be used in the front of iqoo. It is one of the few mobile phones without high brush in iqoo. It is also a relatively light and thin mobile phone in iqoo, with a thickness of 8.46mm. Due to the limited price, the plastic fuselage seems a little unpleasant. There are three cameras on the back of iqoo U1, 4800W pixels with F / 1.79 aperture, and super night scene 2.0 mode. The effect is satisfactory, but the pixels of the front camera are not satisfactory, and self shooting may be affected. < p > < p > iqoo U1 is equipped with snapdragon 720g processor and lpddr4 + ufs2.1. It can be seen that the core configuration of iqoo U1 is not too surprising, but its low price is complementary. This machine is equipped with a 4500 Ma battery and supports 18W fast charging. Naturally, its endurance is excellent. If you don’t use it seriously, you don’t have to worry about the power. < p > < p > iqoo z1x is a 5g mobile phone with a thousand yuan. If you want to buy a 5g mobile phone at a low price, this mobile phone is more appropriate. The front refresh rate of the machine is 120Hz. It supports hdr10 display technology. It can feel the smooth feeling quickly when playing games. In shooting, the back is 4800W three, with f/1.79 aperture. Although the camera specifications are not very high, the ability to adjust the mobile phone at the same price is also worthy of recognition. < / P > < p > iqoo z1x is equipped with the mainstream midrange processor snapdragon 765G. In addition to various adjustments and optimizations of iqoo for mobile phones, consumers’ expectations for mobile phone performance have not been let down. Moreover, the battery has obvious advantages, the capacity reaches 5000 Ma, supports 33 w fast charging, and its super endurance makes people feel safe at any time. < p > < p > iqoo Z1 and z1x are similar, but some important configurations are different. Z1 front is also LCD screen, and the refresh rate is higher, 144hz is still relatively rare in the industry. But its material is not so good, still is not too high-grade plastic fuselage, after all, the price is limited, such material is also normal. The rear camera system is also 4800W three shot, and does not focus on optimizing the shooting effect, which belongs to the level of daily shooting. However, iqoo Z1 has chosen MediaTek for hardware configuration and equipped with Tianji 1000plus processor. In terms of performance, iqoo Z1 has successfully crushed many models, and its score has exceeded 53W. It can bring users extraordinary performance experience. With high-speed screen, the game experience is very good. The machine is also equipped with a 4500 Ma Battery + 44w fast charging, which can greatly meet the needs of users. < / P > < p > with iqoo mobile phones becoming more and more popular, the above three are very good if you don’t want to spend such a high price and pay more attention to performance. If you pay more attention to the appearance or shooting ability of the mobile phone, you need to consider other mobile phones. What do you think of that? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing