[warning and prevention] it only takes 2 minutes to crack the iPhone 12 Pro you just bought

On November 12, the 24th China International Software Expo 2020 was held in Hangzhou for the first time, and the 2020 “Mendian Cup” cracking competition was officially opened. Enterprises, colleges and universities from all over the country, as well as folk “geeks” and “white hat hackers” and other security experts gathered together to expose the security problems in the fields of new infrastructure, intelligent transportation, intelligent terminals and smart home in the form of competitions and live performances. < / P > < p > the first project of the competition is the intelligent terminal performance show. Pangushi forensic team from Qianxin demonstrated the whole process of iPhone 12’s world first breakthrough. As we all know, the iPhone 12, which has just come into the market soon, is based on the latest IOS 14 system, with a variety of advanced defense mechanisms, which greatly increases the difficulty of IOS attacks and makes prison break even more difficult. Pangushi forensics team with a strong hole mining technology, the world’s first crack success. < / P > < p > after four hours of fierce fighting, including the iPhone 12, a full set of smart home, shared bicycles, smart sports cars, as well as intelligent street lights, industrial remote controls, enterprise class firewalls and other digital devices in the new infrastructure scene, all of which were successfully cracked by the competitors. However, white hat hackers successfully cracked a laptop computer and connected to a mobile phone in only two minutes. All the places visited since the activation of the mobile phone are clearly displayed on the map, accurate to the area, time, etc., and even can display the visiting frequency of the place in different colors. < / P > < p > in addition, all the accounts and passwords used on the mobile phone have also been cracked. All kinds of sports and health data generated by users on wechat sports and apple health platforms, such as weight, heart rate and blood pressure, are also fully displayed. < / P > < p > smart devices are becoming more and more complex, and vulnerabilities are everywhere. In addition to strictly managing the permissions of mobile phones, updating security patches in time, and properly keeping the mobile phones are also very important self-protection methods. Try not to let the mobile phones out of their sight. Some high-level hackers can crack a mobile phone in only one or two minutes. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo