Watch out for the aggravation of myopia during the holidays. Children should choose electronic products like this

Original title: watch out for the aggravation of myopia during the holiday. Children’s electronic products should be selected in this way

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued a notice, requiring that from January 23, the city’s middle school students do not come to school, and all students’ work at the end of this semester will be completed online. At the same time, the city’s training institutions will suspend all offline training and collective activities. During the epidemic period, due to long-time living and learning at home, smart phones, computers and other electronic products attracted the “eyeballs” of children and adolescents, and the pressure on prevention and control of myopia among adolescents increased.

Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Association of home appliances, and the school of optometry, Department of medicine, Peking University gave suggestions to prevent children’s myopia during the holidays. In particular, parents are reminded that when choosing electronic products for their children, the priority should be ultra short focus laser TV, traditional projector, ordinary TV, desktop computer, notebook computer, tablet computer and mobile phone.

The Ministry of Education recently released “tips on eye care for primary and secondary school students and children in winter vacation of 2021” that online learning should choose electronic products with larger screen and higher resolution.

Xu Zuyan, a laser technology expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that the light of laser TV is softer and has less visual stimulation. Moreover, the brightness of the laser TV is between 300 nits and 400 nits, which can show the color change, and the viewing comfort is very high.

The increasing popularity of digital life is a great challenge for healthy eye use. In the first half of 2020, the myopia rate of primary and secondary school students in China has increased by 11.7%, one of the important reasons is the overuse of electronic products. Experts attending the meeting pointed out that in order to curb the rapid growth of myopia, first of all, children’s daily use of mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products should be strictly controlled within the maximum time limit recommended by experts.

Zhao Mingwei, executive director of School of Ophthalmology and optometry, Peking University Medical College and director of Ophthalmology, Peking University People’s Hospital, reminded that if online learning is needed, in principle, primary school students should use the screen for no more than 2.5 hours a day, no more than 20 minutes each time; middle school students should use the screen for no more than 4 hours a day, no more than 30 minutes each time.

Experts suggest that during the epidemic period, on the premise of avoiding crowd gathering places as far as possible, parents should strive to ensure that their children have more than 2 hours of outdoor activities every day. At the same time, they also advocate that children with myopia have more than 3 hours of outdoor activities every day to prevent the deepening of myopia.

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)