Website case: a website that depends on manual selection of content, how does it absorb powder and make money

We try to write these cashing cases from different angles, both domestic and foreign. They come from different professional roles, such as it development, product manager, stationmaster, musician, photographer, etc , illustrators and so on. They have made a lot of income on different platforms through different skills and methods, such as the headline platform, Taobao seller service platform, MAC store, Discuz! Platform, WordPress platform, micro engine platform, Netease cloud classroom, moocnet, self built website, etc. The reason why we do this is that we hope to give you more inspiration, “360 lines, the industry out of the number one”, every industry and occupation can find their own way to make money. Everyone can have their own way of living and life style. When you meet an interesting person, his “living method” inspires you, and you may change it. Nowadays, there are more and more media websites and platforms based on algorithm recommendation. Although the content is very large, and many of the recommended content is also the content that users are interested in, the quality of the content is uneven, which is a big defect. While everyone is pushing news intelligently, Apple’s CEO has decided to screen the headlines manually. Apple focuses on quality rather than quantity. In the later stage of the development of the content industry, the quality of content is becoming more and more important, and we also see the rise of many websites that attach importance to quality. Today, we will introduce to you a content website which depends on manual selection. How does it operate and how to make money? Privacy Policy