Wechat and iPhone don’t have to choose one, because Apple doesn’t dare, otherwise it will disappear from China

Apple, on the other hand, is in a precarious situation, with iPhone shipments in China accounting for about 20% of its total. China is also a very important market not only for iPhone, but also for iPad, apple watch and other products. Therefore, if Apple is unable to use the “national” wechat software, it will affect its sales in China, causing an important impact. According to the third quarter of fiscal year 2020, Apple’s revenue in Greater China is nearly 65.2 billion yuan. < / P > < p > accounted for 15.6% of Apple’s total revenue in the quarter. From this, it is not difficult to see the importance of the Chinese market to apple. Many people speculate that if the iPhone does not have wechat, then the iPhone may disappear from China. This conjecture is not groundless. In the voting of apple and wechat made by many bloggers, the vast majority of people chose wechat instead of apple. However, there are also fruit powder that will not give up apple. Others say that we can find a substitute for wechat, and it will be wechat that will disappear. However, in my opinion, it is unlikely that wechat will disappear. According to the report of China’s second quarter smartphone shipment released by canalys, Apple’s share in China is 8.5%. It is not difficult to speculate that there are more Android mobile phone users in China. < / P > < p > with China’s huge Android users as support, wechat will not disappear. And there’s no reason for Android users to replace their communications software with iPhone users. After all, in terms of clothing, food, housing, transportation and other aspects, wechat is indispensable. So on the whole, the ban has a greater impact on apple. In a public opinion survey, 99% of users chose to “change their mobile phones” in response to the incident. < / P > < p > this move in the United States is tantamount to lifting a stone and hitting itself in the foot, which is not a good thing for apple. After the ban, not only did wechat’s share price fall, but Apple’s share price was also affected. Moreover, if the ban does have an impact on apple, cook, as an outstanding businessman, will certainly not wait to die. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia