Wechat friends deleted how to find back? It’s everyone’s responsibility to find friends

Wechat friends deleted how to find back? Xiao Li has a headache recently. He was angry and deleted because he quarreled with a friend. He had to simply add him back face-to-face. However, he didn’t think that the friend would go to other places the next day, which made Xiao Li sad. For some reasons, this friend Xiao Li had to add him back immediately. Xiao Li Baba finds Xiaobian and asks Xiaobian what good way to add this friend back. Xiaobian thinks for a long time, and sure enough, he has a good way. This is to share with you.

wechat friends can be recovered. According to the data deletion and principle, the deleted wechat friends still exist in our mobile phones, because there is no complete physical deletion in the database, just mark them as “deleted”, and the position occupied by this part of data is also marked as “occupied”. This means that when new data is written into the phone, it will randomly cover the marked position in this part.

therefore, after we lose our wechat friends, we’d better turn on the mobile phone flight mode, which can effectively prevent the entry of new data, so as to reduce the possibility of secondary damage to the old data. Then, with the help of professional data recovery software, it can deeply scan the data that we can’t view, and reorganize and recover it.

let’s introduce how to use wechat to recover your friends. Many friends have deleted more than one friend, or the deleted friend can’t be retrieved in various places. At this time, we need to use professional third-party data recovery software. Here we introduce the super easy to use Apple Data Recovery Software — Apple recovery master. This is a special software for Apple mobile data recovery, which can recover 17 Mobile phone data, powerful, easy to operate, we follow me to see the operation steps.

step 2: select the default scanning device recovery of the system. Of course, if you have done the backup in advance, you can also choose the other two recovery methods – through the itunesbackup and recovery through icloud backup.

this method is suitable for those friends who come into the circle of friends to interact with each other. Through this method, you can also look at the messages in the circle of friends to enhance the memories. Here are the operation steps ~

step 3: click “…” in the upper right corner to select the message list, in which all the information about interaction between you and your friends in the circle of friends will appear. If you find a friend who has been deleted by mistake, you can add him back to the address book.

if the partners have the same interests and hobbies or play in a circle, you can find the friends you deleted by mistake in the group where everyone is active, which is simple and fast. Let’s take a look at the operation steps ~

many of my friends are Android phones. At this time, I’d like to recommend another mobile phone recovery software, brother Zhuo. This is a data recovery software specially designed for Android phones. It’s easy to operate and powerful. You can try it. Of course, we can also use our mobile app Elder martial brother, is also a very good use of Apple mobile phone recovery software, you can go to the mobile app store to download. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865