Wechat hidden encryption chat method, a key to become moss password experts, fun to stop

Xiao Lei, as a fish catcher, chatting with my friends in the morning is of course the basic operation. But when I had the most vigorous chat, the other party suddenly gave me a string of symbols. Xiao Lei’s face was so confused that I couldn’t talk for a moment. After questioning, I knew that he had sent me a series of Morse codes. It was strange that Xiao Lei was not knowledgeable enough to express my sincerity Do not understand! < / P > < p > but I still have to learn if I don’t understand. Besides, I’m still a studious person like Xiao Lei. Of course, I can’t fall behind. Therefore, with a great desire to learn, Xiao Lei dogged my friend and asked me for a long time. Finally, he would tell me how he converted the text into Morse code. Fortunately, Xiao Lei, I learned things quickly and learned it in a short time! The old rule goes to the learning achievement demonstration first: < / P > < p > I feel that I have become a detective in the movie and a character at the secret transmission level! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And with this move and teach each other, you can really chat freely, and you don’t have to be afraid of others to read your chat records, because even if they read it, they can’t understand it! As your most sensible Xiao Lei, such a good thing must be prepared for you! Friends who are interested in the old rules are interested in the early official account. < / P > < p > in fact, the operation is really super simple. It only needs a small converter. Now Xiaolei will show you the online picture. First, enter it, input the text you want to convert in the input box below, and then click “convert to moss password”. The converted result will appear on the top, and you can “copy” and send it to your friends directly! < / P > < p > of course, if you want to check the moss password sent by the other party, it is also very simple and the operation is the same. Just copy the moss password from your friend, paste it into the first decryption box, and click “decrypt”, you can know what message he sent you! < / P > < p > is the above super simple? Get it and chat with your friends online! Well, that’s all for Xiao Lei’s sharing today. What’s more interesting after the old rules will be shared with you for the first time. Let’s not talk about Xiaolei. I’ll continue to chat with my friends. I’ll see you later! Privacy Policy