Wechat is updated in a low-key way, so the circle of friends can delete the comments!

With this feature, if some annoying comments appear in our circle of friends, they can be easily deleted, which is effective for those who like to make trouble.

However, one of the most embarrassing places is that the friend who has been deleted will see the text prompt of “the comment has been deleted” in the comment area of this circle of friends.

but today, after testing, Android client version 7.0.18 has already supported this function, but there are still a few users who do not support it.

previously, after the launch of the “beat once” function, people were photographed just by flipping through the group message records. In addition, with the current “pat once” suffix, this kind of mistriggered operation is really unpleasant.

sometimes it’s because of typos, sometimes it’s because of the wrong words. However, in the previous secondary menu of messages on the chat interface, the options “withdraw” and “delete” are arranged in order.

as early as June in IOS wechat client 7.0.13 and Android client 7.0.16 internal beta, wechat quietly added regret medicine function to the circle of friends.

if you delete a circle of friends you sent, we will receive a reminder that you have deleted a circle of friends and can “re edit”.

at this time, we only need to click “re edit”, and the content just deleted will reappear on the publishing and editing page of the circle of friends, which is convenient to modify and re publish.

some people may think that this function is useless, but they are very friendly to those who often type wrong characters. After all, it is really hard to edit the published circle of friends.

especially after the dark mode was added to IOS 13 last year, the voice is getting louder and louder. Although some domestic android manufacturers have also made a mandatory global dark mode, it is not an official function after all.

in March this year, IOS client version 7.0.12 started, wechat officially supports dark mode, and then it was updated to Android client soon.

the opening mode is as follows: “I – Settings – General – Dark mode”. You can choose whether to start with the system settings or manually switch mode.

of course, there are still many improvements in wechat at present, such as deleting chat box, keeping chat record, wechat chat voice progress bar and so on! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia