WeChat power: what is “Internet plus”? What can it bring to us?

  。 If the essence of competition in PC Internet era is traffic, then the essence of competition in mobile Internet era is entrance. In the past, an organization believed that owning its website was necessary for this era, and now it is to have its own WeChat official account, because WeChat has become the entrance to connect everything. < p > < p > the author Xie Xiaoping, editor in chief of wechat thinking series, founder of firefly technology and well-known financial media, transformed new media in 2014, founded firefly technology, and focused on the exploration and research of wechat ecological field. < / P > < p > this book is officially authorized and published by wechat, which is to explain why wechat connection can produce such great power, as well as the ecosystem and forest rules of the “forest” of wechat. If you still have a feeling of “one leaf blinding the eyes” on wechat, then this book is a special book for you to clear the clouds and see the sun, restore the essence of wechat and “forest law” < / P > < p > consumers in the past: in the era of PC Internet, the thinking mode of users is mostly in a passive state, and the giants headed by bat have the same logic – through the connection between people and everything, in Manchu On the basis of meeting the needs of users, the traffic is highly centralized. This is the thinking of “traffic is king” in the traditional Internet era. Today’s consumers: in the era of fragmented mobile Internet, users redefine the cognition and entrance of the Internet in real offline scenes. Business logic has become a timely and accurate experience with people as the center and scene as the unit. This is the thinking of “scene is entrance” in the era of mobile Internet. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”