Wechat suddenly updated, but I advise you not to upgrade this time

In the past, when you want to withdraw a message, you will press the delete key by hand. It’s good. I can’t see the news on my side, but there’s no influence from others. It’s not withdrawn at all. < / P > < p > now, after sending a wechat message, there is only the “withdraw” option. The delete option will not appear until 2 minutes after the recall time. < / P > < p > still look at the picture part. After opening a picture, if we press the picture or press the three points in the lower right corner, more operations will pop up, such as forwarding pictures to friends, collecting / saving pictures, etc. < / P > < p > in the past, these functions were arranged from top to bottom, accounting for most of the screen. After updating, these functions are transformed into icon form, and the interface appears more fresh and concise. < / P > < p > originally, after long press on the image, the top part becomes a flexible processing area. If the picture has two-dimensional code, it can identify the two-dimensional code, and if the picture has English, it can identify the translation. However, Ji Ge has measured that when you shoot someone else, this small bubble only appears on your side. The person being photographed only receives the text prompt, the same as before.

first look at the video in the official account. Now, if we open the inserted video in the article, we can watch it at different speeds, which can save time ~ < / P > < p > after updating, we will send the video of the video number to the circle of friends and send a video directly. It’s no different from our usual video circle of friends. < / P > < p > to change ideas, if you apply for a video number in person, then send a video for several minutes on the video number, can’t you directly share it with your circle of friends? < / P > < p > at the very least, there are lots of suggestions: can you set a switch and choose whether to turn on the beat function, so as to avoid mistaking others in the family and work groups… This function is still not expected. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia