Wechat update! The circle of friends can share one minute video, and these eight new changes

The official version of wechat 7.0.15 for IOS has finally arrived after nearly a month of internal testing of wechat 7.0.17 for Android. Although it’s a little slower than Android in terms of version number, we found more nine update points than Android’s built-in version. The official account is official bullet screen comments.

optimizes chat message operation options to optimize the public menu, operation menu, official account video, add barrage and speed multiplier operation video number no longer link to friend circle video number. Add “private letter” function. Add “anti addicting” button to add small button. Bubble reminder 1. Optimize chat message operation options < / P > < p > in wechat 7.0.15 for IOS, the operation menu popped up by long press chat bubble has changed a lot. The original design of white characters on a black background has changed to a white design on a gray background. The buttons that need to be displayed by clicking the triangle symbol to turn pages are changed to the setting buttons of two parallel lines, which looks more orderly. < / P > < p > each menu operation function key has a corresponding icon. No one will no longer know where the “reference” and “remind” function keys are. < / P > < p > in fact, the chat message operation options of IOS update have been online in previous Android versions. The update of the operation button makes people find that the recall and delete keys will appear separately two minutes before and after the message is sent, and it once ran to the top of microblog hot search on that day. In fact, this is not a new change, but a new form of presentation for more people to know.

official account video bullet screen comments and speed play are also available. People who are accustomed to watching bullet screen comments on other video sites and watching the habit of speed can feel the same joy in WeChat.

bullet screen comments are part of the new public official account. Not all official account videos support this function. The official account official account bullet screen comments bullet screen comments are also displayed when the video is inserted into the picture and text. Therefore, bullet screen comments can be used for the public numbers who are used to send videos in public numbers. < / P > < p > in wechat 7.0.15 for IOS, users have changed the circle of friends sharing video numbers into the form of video instead of the original link form. The new display method is more like a user sending a video directly through a circle of friends. Users can click to watch the video content, unlike the original need to jump to the video number. Although the presentation form of < / P > < p > has changed, the essence has not changed. When users click on the video number, they still need to jump to the video number to see the video content. Only changes in the presentation form will make the user’s jump process more “insensitive.”. < / P > < p > the answer is to look at the tips on the cover and the bottom. If the cover is still, there is a video number to share the content. The video that will be automatically played is the original video from the circle of friends. The video with the word “video Number” at the bottom is the shared content of the video number. What is not is the original video. However, most ordinary users will not notice this, so it can be said that the circle of friends supports one minute video, only you need to send video through the video number. < / P > < p > the answer is the same as ordinary picture sharing, just click on the picture to jump to the video number. The video Number shared will also have a video Number + official account name on the bottom, and click to jump directly to the home page. < / P > < p > open the home page of any video Number author, and add a “private message” button next to “follow”. Users can communicate with their favorite video owners one-to-one, and support sending text and photos. < / P > < p > and in wechat 7.0.15 for IOS, the applet is also fully connected to the anti addiction system. It’s not just small games that need to be prevented from becoming addicted to. Tool applets, e-commerce applets and information applets are all prohibited. < / P > < p > click the “growth guard” button to jump to the “Tencent family Guardian” applet, where you can view the game situation of today and the past seven days, including game duration, game cost, login log, etc. < / P > < p > in wechat version 7.0.15 for IOS, a development team module has been added to the applet home page to let users know who the main body of the small program is at a glance. In the upper right corner The “more information” and “feedback and complaints” in “have changed places. The “more information” button is directly displayed on the homepage of the applet. Click the upper right corner to carry out “feedback and complaint”. < / P > < p > the button that originally prompted the user to belong to the QR code has been moved to the top, and click to complete the jump. The original vertical arrangement of many functions has been changed into the display effect of two parallel rows, and each function has its corresponding icon. < p > < p > the last new change comes from a beat with a slight decrease in heat. The new version of wechat gives you a shot and a bubble after “take a picture online” and “free to add a suffix to the beat”. < / P > < p > in addition to the original snapshot in the chat page, the new version will add a bubble dialog box on your avatar to prompt that XX has taken XX. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!