Wechat will be updated again, and the “annoying” patting has new changes! In addition, the circle of friends can send a minute long video

After updating the official version of 7.0.15 for IOS users this week, the wechat team released a beta version of 7.0.18 for Android again. < / P > < p > the biggest change in the beta version is that “take a beat” can be withdrawn by long press within two minutes, and unlike chat messages, the other party will not see the withdrawal reminder. However, this function is still in testing, not fully launched, the latest version of IOS, only some users can use it. < / P > < p > in June this year, when you double-click your friend’s Avatar, the avatar will shake, and the reminder “you took XXX” will appear. At the same time, if you double-click on your avatar, the prompt “you photographed yourself” will be displayed. < / P > < p > then, in order to increase the playability, wechat improved the function experience of taking a picture, including allowing the addition of user-defined suffixes, which caused the brain holes of netizens to open. It’s like “a patted B’s smart little head and called Dad”, “a patted B’s small waist and lowered his head”, “I patted my wallet, it was very messy inside” However, there are a lot of embarrassing scenes. The banter between friends and leaders is easy to be touched by the leader and can not be withdrawn. Some can explain and explain, and some may be directly “removed from group chat”. Therefore, withdrawal has become an urgent and rigid demand for users who like to take a picture. From the test version, it is the same as sending a message. When the “take a beat” message pops up, you can click and hold it, and you will jump out of the revocation page. After the withdrawal, you will not remind the other party, so you can be unaware of it. < / P > < p > in addition, there are a series of changes in the official version of IOS 7.0.15. For example, official account video can support multiple speed play, and also send bullet screen comments to get B station experience. < / P > < p > another big change is that the circle of friends can send one minute long video. The implementation method is to use the “video Number” function which was just launched by wechat. < / P > < p > in previous versions, the content of the “video Number” was shared with the circle of friends, and it was presented in the form of a title and a cover map. If it is not opened, it can not be seen that it is a video. < / P > < p > after this update, the original link form has directly become a normal video display. It looks like a normal friend circle video, but there is an additional line at the bottom from the “video Number”. Therefore, as long as you create a video number and upgrade the new version of wechat, you can publish a one minute long video in your circle of friends. < / P > < p > in the last two years, wechat has improved and innovated many functions. In particular, in the past year, it has launched the “video Number” entrance, added the dark mode, optimized the voice message into text experience, and “take a shot” and other small functions. We can clearly feel that the wechat team has accelerated the pace of enriching wechat functions. However, on the whole, they are more restrained in addition. For example, on the withdrawal of “Pai Yi Pai”, gray scale test is first used to collect user feedback, and then large-scale promotion is carried out after the function is mature. If there are some functions, such as a friend’s comment on the emoticon package a while ago, it may damage the entire wechat ecosystem and will be decisively cancelled. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo