Wei Yan’an: four key words of fruit e-commerce reform

On November 16, 2020, Shaanxi fruit industry association held the third fruit industry entrepreneur exchange meeting. Centering on the theme of “viewing the trend of agricultural products e-commerce from” double 11 “, Alibaba, Jingdong, yimutian and other platforms were invited to exchange and share with representatives of e-commerce enterprises. Wei Yan’an, an expert on rural e-commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and director of Shaanxi fruit industry center, made an impromptu speech at the conclusion to interpret the four key words of fruit e-commerce reform. Now I will sort out the speech text as follows: < / P > < p > there is nothing unexpected about the “double 11” in 2020. The rising number is continuous, and it is inevitable that live broadcasting will become a standard configuration. It seems that everyone’s focus is more on seeing who overturned the car live broadcasting. There are more live broadcasts of fruits, which can be attributed to the attention of the platform, the increase of Internet popularity, and the improvement of the supply chain system, which is also an extension of the trend of accelerating E-commerce of fruits. Kwai tiktok is also a new fruit live broadcast technology, live broadcast technology, or video class. While enjoying entertainment and relaxing, live learning technology is becoming a new habit. Traditional farmers are accelerating the mobile phone into new farm implements. < / P > < p > after the “double 11”, there are many articles studying and judging the trend of e-commerce. I think the trend has been evolving, but “double 11” has become an important observation node. It’s just like there are too many viewers in the live broadcast. There are too many hot spots in the live broadcast. The frequent occurrence of live rollover can only show that the foundation of the supply chain is still very weak. I’m afraid it’s hard to dream of becoming popular overnight by live broadcast, or sell all the fruits by live broadcast. For the future development of e-commerce, no matter the traditional e-commerce platform or the emerging live broadcasting platform, I’m afraid we still have to work hard on four words and eight words. < / P > < p > when there are more and more entrants and the growth of consumer groups is not much, we have to compete for professionalism, which means lower cost, higher quality and better reputation. But this is not the case. Apple live broadcast has fierce competition, so it does all kinds of fruit live broadcast; fruit live broadcast has fierce competition, so it starts to do all kinds of agricultural products live broadcast; agricultural products live broadcast has fierce competition, so it starts to do beauty care, but it seems to forget that Weiya and Li Jiaqi just started by their majors, and the network red on the live broadcast platform also needs clear people, so where are you What’s he for? It is also difficult for an anchor with vague positioning to win more fans’ attention. So, being professional means focusing first. < / P > < p > I guest starred in several fruit live shows and found that the anchors lacked professional knowledge background. The general live broadcast process is that the anchor picks up the fruit to show you how beautiful the fruit is and how delicious it is. Then he takes a bite in the encouragement of the fans to show you how exquisite the packaging is and the express delivery can’t be broken. Finally, the price is so close to the people. It’s hard to say more, such as how the fruit is planted Come out, why delicious, what story, this is a kind of regret. Some anchors said that they had no words in half an hour, and they had to repeat them again and again. Therefore, the anchor of fruit should have the professional cultivation of fruit. < / P > < p > I went to help them guest star, for example, I introduced peach, which is very suitable for girls, because the original metaphor of peach is related to beauty. The poem “the peach is young and bright” is praising a bride who is about to get married as beautiful as peach blossom! And the next two sentences are better, “the son of your family should be at home.” it’s really good for your family to marry such a bride back. And the ancients are very particular about the word “Zhao” to the peach tree, because when you see the peach blossom, it indicates that spring is coming. And then from this word, the meaning of beauty is extended, and all the beautiful things in the world are given to Tao. < / P > < p > for another example, many apple sellers can’t answer a common sense question from fans, is apple waxing or not? They just say we don’t wax. In fact, this is the most basic fruit knowledge. Apples grow in the wind and sun, and no one puts water retaining cream on them. Of course, they have to secrete a layer of wax to protect themselves. Otherwise, they will have a crisp, sweet and juicy taste? Moreover, there is a wax layer on the surface of the leaves, which is basically the same. The worse the conditions are, the thicker the wax layer will be. Of course, this kind of wax is edible. < / P > < p > Why are there some fruit farmers’ net celebrities now? Their face value is not as high as that of beautiful women, their language is not as vivid as that of stars, and there are no fancy skills in demonstration. They insist on truly showing the production and life of fruit farmers, telling everyone that they are a fruit grower, what kind of fruit trees are in spring, what kind of summer, what kind of autumn, what kind of fertilizer and medicine they use, and how they harvest in the end. On the contrary, they gain trust because they are seen. It can be said that a professional fruit dealer is not even as good as a professional fruit farmer. This kind of natural IP can not be taken away by others. < / P > < p > our biggest embarrassment now is not that there are no fruits, but that there are too few fruits that meet the standard. A common situation is that there are fruits all over the mountain, but they can’t afford to supply in large quantities. This is a paradox. Why? < / P > < p > because of the great changes in the terminal market, I went to Jiangnan market in Guangdong, Huizhan market in Shanghai, Jiaxing market in Zhejiang and haijixing market in Shenzhen. All the things we imagined in the terminal circulation are gone today. In the past, we simply graded or even did not grade the production areas. We concentrated the fruits step by step to the large distributors, and then transported them to the primary market in the sales area, where we turned the boxes and containers, integrated them into standard products, and finally sold them in different grades. Today is not the case. The market has become the distribution center of standard products. When the fruit carrier comes, it opens the cabinet and delivers large items directly on site. Standardization has moved forward to the production areas, and the selling of currency is certainly squeezed. However, the gap between domestic and imported fruits is also very important. Shaanxi fruits are delicious, especially apples and kiwifruit, which have enjoyed a long reputation. However, some of them are injured in the terminal market. Some businesses are still willing to sell Shandong products because of the low level of standardization, which requires secondary grading and is very troublesome. < p > > is also the basic requirement of consumers. A young man in Shaanxi sold Luochuan apples. He found that a customer had come to buy them for three times in a row. He decided to give a discount to the customer. He took out four of the 12 medium-sized apples in a box and replaced them with four super big apples. He hoped to get a good comment from the customer, but he received a bad comment, saying that they were different in size. He was very aggrieved and said that it was not the dog that bit LV Dongbin? I said it deserves to be done. The first thing for e-commerce is product standardization. You have to apologize to others. Before replacing apple, you must communicate with customers in advance whether they agree or not, or send two big apples separately in addition to normal products. This is the gap between producers and consumers in the case of asymmetric information, and standardization is the natural barrier of communication. If you want to make Apple’s business bigger, you need to learn how to grade it. It’s easy to sell when you have all the goods. That’s how the intelligent fruit selection line was forced to go online. < / P > < p > but some people say that it’s no good to think like this. When 100 Jin Apple goes to the fruit selection line, only 60 Jin can be selected. What about the rest? In fact, it’s wrong. As long as you choose the standard grade one to grade four fruits, there will be people who want the goods at all levels. I led the team to Yantai, Shandong Province to see that an enterprise built a large fruit bank. The first grade fruits from the fruit selection line were sold to high-end supermarkets, the second grade fruits were sent to Hong Kong, the third grade fruits went to Indonesia, and the fourth grade small apples were bought by Thai merchants. The boss of this enterprise said that as long as we can make standard products and realize perennial supply, we can really sell anything. < / P > < p > we northwest people can work hard, but we don’t do it very well. A lot of fruit packaging is not up to standard. It’s so delicious that customers can smell the drooling apples, but they are reluctant to improve the packaging carton. After arrival, the carton is broken and the apples are rotten. All these are after-sales problems. < / P > < p > we don’t think enough from the perspective of consumers. We always think that what we grow is the best. You are wrong not to choose me, but in fact, there is a difference between the good fruit that consumers think and the good fruit that you think. It’s said that late ripening Fuji is the best to eat, red, crisp and sweet, but this is the traditional understanding. Z generation is growing up, they are tired of red, they want to eat yellow and green apples, they like the mix of red, yellow and green sales, they give their friends a special foreign style. We always think it’s better to be big. We’ve made a lot of efforts to increase the size of apple. As a result, apple that is too big can’t be sold in both offline and traditional markets. < / P > < p > we are not sensitive to market changes, and always think that eating fresh fruit must be the best, and processed products are not healthy. But in fact, the market of high-end raw fruit juice is growing rapidly, and the growth of low alcohol fruit wine is more than 200% in the first half of 2020, becoming a new potential market of 100 billion. Some young people say that I really don’t have time to peel apples and eat apples. It’s too troublesome. How easy it is to give me a glass of juice. Young girls are the main force of fruit wine consumption. These are all noteworthy changes. We should know where the future market is going. It’s not that one day in the future, we suddenly find that we have grown apples all our lives and think that we have grown the best apples, but we can’t sell them If you go out, it won’t sell. < / P > < p > therefore, we need to carefully study the market, carefully build our own positioning, and know who you are planting apples for and who you are selling them to. The supply side structural reform that we often talk about now actually means that. < / P > < p > what is fusion? Today’s things are no longer strictly differentiated. It doesn’t mean that you are e-commerce, he is offline; you are wholesale, he is retail; you are planting, I am selling; many times, the distinction is not very obvious. The industrial chain has never been so close, you have me, I have you. < p > < p > > basically, I went to peach farms on the Internet, but I didn’t go to peach farms. There are nearly 30 peach varieties in the 200 mu peach orchard. From May to November every year, there are spring peach, summer peach, autumn peach and winter peach. The only tool is the mobile phone. The old couple, two daughters and son-in-law can sell 50% or 60% of the peaches through wechat and mixin, and the rest are disposed of in the wholesale market. Inadvertently, they have changed from pure growers to operators integrating production and marketing, and gained more industrial profits. Naturally, they are always happy with it. < / P > < p > this kind of e-commerce family farm has a significant impact on the traditional circulation channels. It no longer needs intermediate links, but directly from producers to consumers. The “three three systems” formed by the circulation of traditional agricultural products is becoming “four open”. In the traditional circulation market, if the fruit is sold for more than three yuan in origin, it must be sold for more than ten yuan in the terminal market. Basically, farmers, intermediate circulation and terminal retail each take one-third. With the development of e-commerce, the selling price of fruits for farmers can be increased to about 4 yuan. With the cost of packaging, express delivery and temporary labor, it will not cost more than 8 yuan to the end consumers. It’s really good quality and cheap. What are the advantages of traditional circulation and wholesale? < / P > < p > this