Weimei holographic focusing holographic AI cutting edge technology established Academy of Sciences to explore 5g communication

At present, the IP communication capability provided by cloud computing technology concept and service mode has been widely used in various Internet applications, enterprise applications and emerging intelligent hardware scenarios. With the advent of 5g era, network capability has also ushered in a leap forward development. 5g will not only bring more extreme experience and greater capacity, but also truly open the era of Internet of things. In the future, after infiltrating into various industries, all kinds of digital information construction will drive into a new high-speed development channel. However, 5g is not only a simple technology, but also a set of cross-border and cross industry communication technology standards. It needs a set of “common language” to support, so that developers around the world can be compatible with each other. Various innovative application scenarios derived from 5g also need to rely on new underlying communication technologies, The Internet communication cloud has undoubtedly become the “key” enabling the development of various industries. < / P > < p > in theory, the transmission speed of 5g is tens of times of that of 4G network, which can reach the transmission speed of tens of GB per second. It can be easily applied to panoramic video transmission. The image is clearer and the picture is more fluent. It can bring better effect of experiencing the environment by combining with holographic ar terminal. Generally speaking, when we watch the live broadcast, the pictures we see are blurred. If the live broadcast people use a better mobile phone, the picture is still relatively clear, but in any case, the live picture is not as clear as that of TV series and movies. The advent of 5g era will accelerate the progress of Internet of things. Large scale and high concurrency scenarios of Internet of things will continuously generate and transmit data. The concept of Internet communication will no longer be limited to people to people communication. < / P > < p > in the future, with the emergence of Internet of things, VR / AR and other new scene applications and the commercial application of 5g technology, the application scenario boundary of Internet communication cloud will continue to expand. < / P > < p > when it comes to the concept of holography, micro beauty holography is also the leader of holographic ar concept stocks. Holographic computing is the scene application field after 5g landing, that is, VR / AR field, involving computer vision AI synthesis, visual presentation, interactive software development, AR online and offline advertising, holographic face recognition development and other technical links, The scale of global virtual reality industry has been further expanded to nearly 100 billion yuan, and the average annual compound growth rate is expected to exceed 70% from 2017 to 2022. < p > < p > recently, Weimei holography officially announced the establishment of “holographic science academy” to conduct research on the frontier technology field and disruptive technology innovation of holographic ar. Weimei holographic science academy is committed to holographic AI vision, exploring the unknown science and technology, and carrying out basic science and innovative technology research driven by human vision. It aims to promote the cutting-edge research in computer science, holography, quantum computing and other related fields facing the actual industry scene and the future world. We will establish an industry research cooperation platform, promote the application of major scientific and technological innovation, and create an ecosystem of deep integration of industries and research centers. < / P > < p > with the change of 5g holographic communication network bandwidth conditions, 5g holographic application market will break out. High end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic conference will gradually be popularized in the direction of holographic social networking, holographic communication, holographic navigation and holographic home application. Based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face exchange technology as the core technology, Weimei holographic project uses a number of innovative systems to support holographic cloud platform services and 5g communication holographic applications. < p > < p > Weimei holographic science academy was established in August 2020. It aims to combine the holographic vision scientific research achievements of Weimei holographic frontier and the rich industry experience of its member enterprises, so that scientific research and business can promote and inspire each other, and jointly explore the convergence point between scientific research, technological innovation, institutional business and industry development, and truly grasp the new opportunities brought by digital transformation. Holographic Computing Science: biological holographic computing, quantum holographic computing, photon holographic computing, neutrino holographic computing, magnetic levitation holographic computing. Holographic communication science: quantum holographic communication, dark matter holographic communication, vacuum holographic communication, photon holographic communication, quark holographic communication, magnetic levitation holographic communication. Micro Integration Science: neutrino micro integration, biological micro integration, photon micro integration, quantum micro integration, magnetic levitation micro integration, decay micro integration, fusion micro integration, fission micro integration. < p > < p > in the cutting-edge technology fields such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, Weimei holography also relies on its technology and business network in the world and in China. It has successively invested and arranged companies in relevant fields, attracting a large number of innovative enterprises, partners and innovative talents, providing assistance for the construction of an active and open innovation and entrepreneurship ecology. < p > < p > Weimei holographic science institute is committed to promoting the development of computer vision science, focusing on the research of the next generation of revolutionary technology, and helping micro beauty holographic achieve a longer-term development strategy. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia