Welcome to the start of the school season, flagship mobile phones can not be around these several

The beginning of the school season has come, and big brand mobile phone manufacturers will do preferential activities for their products at this time. Users who want to change their mobile phones can take advantage of this opportunity to change their mobile phones. However, in the face of so many flagship mobile phones, it is inevitable that they will be at a loss. Therefore, I would like to recommend three flagship models that are worth considering. < / P > < p > Apple phones have been very popular for a long time. With their powerful performance and smooth system, they are loved and recognized by many consumers. Among them, the iPhone 11 is Apple’s strongest flagship so far. This phone performs well in terms of performance, and has also upgraded its camera. Although the camera uses 12 million pixels, the quality of the camera is not limited to the number of pixels, but mainly combined with Apple’s photo optimization technology. That’s why the iPhone’s pixels are not high, but the photos taken are not inferior. For users who don’t pursue 5g network, this mobile phone will be a good choice. < / P > < p > I believe many people will think of Huawei’s photos and signals when they think about Huawei’s brand. Indeed, Huawei’s high-end computers are doing well in these two fields. In recent years, Huawei brand gives the author a high-end feeling. First of all, let’s talk about the photo taking ability of Huawei brand. Since the release of Huawei P20 series, Huawei brand has become the leader of mobile phone photography industry image. This achievement is inseparable from Huawei brand’s deep research and development technology. Recently, Huawei p40pro has become the flagship camera with the best camera in the mobile phone industry. It is worth mentioning that if Huawei P40 Pro also has a discount in the opening season, it is very worth looking forward to. < p > < p > the Samsung Galaxy S20 is Samsung’s flagship mobile phone released in the first half of this year, with a cool appearance. In addition, the snapdragon 865 processor is used in the hardware configuration, which is very powerful. Of course, Samsung S20 also has a very weak point, that is, it has 2K + 120Hz refresh rate screen, but the two cannot be opened together. < / P > < p > one plus 8 Pro is a mobile phone worth buying. Why do you say that? First of all, with a body weight of 199G, it is very light to hold in the hand, and with the thickness of 8.5mm, it seems that the mobile phone is very thin. If you look at the details carefully, the workmanship is also quite excellent. For example, this year’s flagship models like to use curved screen, but some curved screen’s mobile phone edge narrow place is relatively wide, and one plus 8 Pro is very narrow, which is why the same 8 mm fuselage, one plus 8 Pro will appear narrower. The impression of Meizu 17 in my mind is that the flagship mobile phone with “no obvious short board” is quite good in all aspects. Let’s talk about the configuration, snapdragon 865 flagship processor, UFS 3.1 and so on. These flagship models have not been equipped with any configuration. They also include full-featured NFC, the third generation superlinear speakers, and 30W fast charging. All of these make this mobile phone a cost-effective mobile phone. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?