Wenshi launched 6-inch color e-paper book, supporting 4096 color display

On August 11, foreign media lilliputing platform reported that Wenshi launched Onyx Boox poke2 color e-book products, supporting 4096 color displays. At present, this product has been officially on sale, the price is 299 US dollars, about 2100 yuan. According to foreign media, the poke2 color e-book is equipped with a 6-inch color e-ink screen with a resolution of 1448×1072. The PPI on the screen is 300 for black and white images and text messages, and 100 for color images, officials said. It also supports 4096 color displays and has 32 levels of backlight brightness adjustment. In terms of hardware performance, poke2 color is equipped with an eight core processor with 2GHz main frequency, which has excellent computing and processing capacity, and is equipped with 2GB running content and 32GB storage space. It is equipped with Android 9.0 operating system, and also supports PDF, ePub, Mobi, HTML and DOC text formats. < / P > < p > e-book products have always been a product that many friends love and hate. They always want to buy them for reading, but more often, they eat dust or become instant noodles. In recent years, more and more manufacturers have joined the e-book industry. Xiaomi also launched the first e-book product last year. In the eyes of users who like to read, the e-book product is particularly practical, while Wenshi poke2 color supports color display, which can be used to read color comics and other contents. The functions are relatively richer. Interested friends can learn more about it. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction